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Answers on a Postcard Please…. 10 Questions Nobody Can Answer 5, May 2006

Posted by babychaos in Humour, Play.

Why is grey hair thick like pubes? I have a few grey hairs now and they all stick straight up. Why is that? Does it mean that, come a few years, when the brown ones are in the minority, I’m going to end up with the same hairstyle as Woody the Woodpecker?

How come you can creosote a thirty foot garden fence without spilling a drop but some of the bleachy bog water will always splash up and go in your eye or hit your lip EVERY TIME you clean the loo?

What special power brings wandering cats several miles back to the house where their owner has just opened a can of sardines.

Why do cats never come in when you call but only 5 minutes after you’ve climbed 3 flights of stairs so you have to go all the way back down and lock the cat flap after them.

Why to dogs and cats always make a beeline for people who don’t like them?

If we make the whole of Britain wheelchair friendly isn’t that just an open invitation to the Daleks to invade?

Why do bald men always have really hairy chests? Is fate laughing in their faces or is it to prove they can grow hair somewhere?

Why does the phone only ring if you are on the lavatory, in another room or taking a call on your mobile/landline (delete as applicable)?

Why does the postman only bring parcels which won’t fit through the letter box – and which you will have to be collected from your “nearest” depot – on the only day in the entire year that you are out?

We understand about "Bloody Sunday" and "Black Friday" but "Sheffield Wednesday"? What's that all about?



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