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The Obligatory Steve Irwin Joke 6, September 2006

Posted by babychaos in Humour, Play.

I know, I know, it’s not big, it’s not clever, yada, yada, yada. I liked the guy but at the same time, even he might have found this funny…..



1. Daryl Shanklin - 14, September 2006

With the stingray being a member of the shark family, the stingray shouldn’t have any problems with getting a lawyer.

2. babychaos - 14, September 2006

If it’s a shark then surely, by definition, it IS a lawyer…

3. luke - 18, September 2006

rest in peace steve

4. vic - 19, September 2006

Steve Irwin gets to the gates of heaven and St Peter says to him “steve ya lookin brown there” and steve says ” i know mate it’s all those rays i’ve bin tryna catch”

5. axewielderx - 19, September 2006

I hope somewhere in this blog there is a tribute to what the man was really about and was trying to accomplish in his life.otherwise this is a rather sad way to talk about anyone.Especially since he was a good person.

6. babychaos - 19, September 2006

There isn’t but there probably should be. I liked him a lot, he was interesting, enthusiastic and entertaining. He also had balls to do what he did. I didn’t post the picture to make fun of his death or upset people, it was a small light joke for a blog that is read by 8 people…..

Now things have changed a tad. I’m getting 500 hits a day to this post and it’s not the behind closed doors, quiet joke it used to be.

I wouldn’t mind if he laughed this way about me after I’m gone… but I’m going to step in here. So… if you leave a joke here fine if it’s funny and not unkind but if what you say is unkind, bitter, offensive or just plan pathetic I’ll remove it. I will also remove it if you spell like a retard and I will remove mentions of Peter Brock because I don’t know who he is…


7. misslionheart - 19, September 2006

Mr Irwin was a very brave man, lets leave it there…………

8. unknown - 20, September 2006

steve u r the best! rest in peace mate!

9. anne - 20, September 2006

steve u r the best! rest in peace! i love u!

10. me - 20, September 2006

Peter Brock was a legendary racing car driver in Australia who also, sadly passed the same week as Steve Irwin. RIP Steve and Peter

11. rex - 20, September 2006

serves the guy right for pokin snakes n crocks with sticks
they didnt ask for it and i didnt wanna see it…
yibbbada yibbada folks

12. Pete - 20, September 2006

What do Steve Irwin and Peter Brock have in common? Both died of fishtail. Unfortunately, Steve Irwin was not quite the saint that the corporate media and the many people under it’s spell make him out to be. He was a great fan on John Howard, who is trying to wind back workers rights a hundred years, hates gays, lesbians, aboriginals, muslims, and virtually every other minority group (apart from the ultra-rich and the far right, whom he loves). Irwin supported AWAs (individual agreements) as opposed to collective, union agreements, at his Australia Zoo, and infamously attended a dinner that Howard hosted for fellow war criminal George Bush. The Daily Telegraph, an Australian tabloid newspaper, ran story bemoaning the loss of such a ‘good bloke’, and included a picture of Irwin joking with Bush. He also pocketed heaps of taxpayer money for hokey quarantine ads. What a con artist!

13. Pete - 20, September 2006

And if he was such a knock-a-bout larrikin then he would have laughed at the whole thing… Get over it people, get a life of your own!

14. Chriz - 21, September 2006

Pete, you are a Grade A fuckwit. Just because you don’t like your dole payments being slashed doesn’t mean you should rant in this forum about your political agenda. Shut the fuck up! Steve Irwin, you will be missed…

15. gazza - 21, September 2006

steve irwin was a great man he had balls and was great but i have to say this joke

use steve irwin sun block protects u from harmfull rays

16. gazza - 21, September 2006

Steve arrives at the pearly gates and sees St Peter.
“Crikey,” he says, “Look at the wings on you! Massive!”
St Peter proceeds to ask him his name, address, date of birth and all that jazz.
He punches the data in the heaven computer and suddenly an alarm sounds.
“Oh dear, Mr Irwin,” St Peter says, “It seems we have a problem. Your booking is downstairs not up here.”
“Crikey!” Steve says again. “Can I ask what for.”
St Peter shows Steve the read out on the computer screen.
“No, no, no, no, mate. There’s been a mistake,” Steve says.
“Oh and what’s that?” St Peter asks.
“I’ve mucked around, played with and kissed lots of CROCKS, CROCKS, C-R-O-C-K-S… it should have an a r in it.”
to all who take affence there is none intended in this banter

17. x..amzy..x - 21, September 2006

hi r.i.p steve irwin we will all miss you ur 1 in a kind

18. gazza - 21, September 2006

Steve Irwin walks into a bar with his pet crocodile by his side. He puts the croc up on the bar. He then turns to the astonished patrons and says, “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll open this croc’s mouth and place my genitalia inside. Then the croc will close his mouth for one minute. Then he’ll open his mouth and I’ll remove my genitalia unscathed. In return for witnessing this spectacle, each of you will buy me a drink.”

The crowd murmured in unanimous approval. Steve stood up on the bar, dropped his trousers, and placed his privates in the crocodile’s open mouth. The croc closed his mouth as the crowd gasped. After a minute, Irwin grabbed a beer bottle and smacked the croc hard on the top of its head.

The croc opened his mouth and he removed his genitals unscathed as promised. The crowd cheered and the first of his free drinks were delivered.

Steve stood up again and made another offer. “I’ll pay anyone $100 who’s willing to give it a try.” A hush fell over the crowd.

After awhile, a hand went up in the back of the bar. A blonde woman timidly spoke up… “I’ll try it! Just don’t hit me too hard with the beer bottle!”

19. leanne - 21, September 2006

R.I.P steve we r all sure 2 miss u nd will remember all those good deeds you did 2 help animals even the deadly ones.
to those who find steve’s death funny need to take along good look at how much steve helped and made people laugh same time risking his life. he was a good crock hunter and will neva be for gotten

20. abby - 21, September 2006

ill miss u steve.u were my idol.ill never forget u!

21. jamie - 21, September 2006

R.I.P Steve we all will miss you. me and my mum realy will miss u. Hang in there Terry and the rest of the family you made a diffrence in the world thank you love jamie b

22. charlotte - 21, September 2006

R.I.P steve irwin we all miss u loads u was ma best animal hunter in da world just remener we will all be thinkin ov u n we all love u.
i hope steve irwin wife iz doin okies n i hope his lil gal is goin okies n da lil son 2 love u steve irwin R.I.P XXX

23. jennifer - 21, September 2006

r.i.p steve irwin we all well miss u loads my mum is really go to miss watching our shows everyone loved u to bits have i nice time heaven love jen

24. gazza - 21, September 2006

-Steve Irwin was asked shortly before his death what his favourite TV show as child was. The crocodile hunter went with Thundercats but also noted that he’ll always have a place in his heart for Stingray.

-Peter Gabriel has been chosen as the musical entertainment at Steve Irwin’s funeral. The crocodile hunter’s first choice was Sting, but that removed for being considered somewhat inappropriate

25. charlotte bird - 21, September 2006

i reall love al the steve irwin show but now he has died i will miss all of his shows and im going to miss he 2 i really feel sorry four his wife and to kids because now they wont have a father but at least they will be thinkin of him and also think of him as the greatest daddy in the world R.I.P steve irwin from char xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

26. gazza - 21, September 2006

to charlote i also feel that way about the great man all these jokes are just light banter and there is no offence intended if anyone takes offence just post a message and i shall stop posting the jokes


27. Philip - 21, September 2006

I feel sad for Mr Irwins kids, but I sure did not like his approach to molesting animals for money. Why is it that when a sports star or a racing car driver dies Australians go all emotional. Mr Irwin was the lowest common denominater in Australia and dont the crowd of uneducated love it. I think Australians (well some) are much more than ocker yobs with really stupid accents. What about a state funeral for Colin Thiele that other fantastic queenslander who died the same day …… Who I hear you ask! Yes the guy who was an educator for 40 years, wrote 80 books including the world famous Storm Boy .. Where were you australia when he died, not a hero I suppose. Mr Irwin was a lover of John Howard …. that says it all. How many agro fools will be trawling the ocean trying to take revenge on stingrays. Get it in perspective people!

28. true blue - 21, September 2006

i cant believe you morons can joke about steve irwins death and then wonder why people are offended!
Oh yes i know why now because you are all super tankers!
Shame on you if you are Australians
Jokes are ment to be funny Gazza your an IDIOT

29. Krystal - 21, September 2006

Understood that Steve Irwin is obviously not for everyone… I for one WAS a fan. People are entitled to their own opinions of him, and he certainly could not please everyone. My personal thoughts about his passing is that it is truely sad that one of the most doting fathers I have ever witnessed, with a true passion for his children, had now left them fatherless. We already have enough broken homes here in Australia, we didn’t need another one…..

30. abbi - 21, September 2006

steve ur the best

31. ryan m - 21, September 2006

R.I.P steve u were my hero crecky that word will saty in my head till the day i die.

32. pip - 21, September 2006

steve y u r de best will miss u

33. mike - 21, September 2006

steve was the greatset rip mate

34. Devo - 21, September 2006

Ireland sends its respects to Steve Irwin, R.I.P mate, i think steve would have laughed at the jokes… but maybe they were just a bit too soon!

35. Abigail - 21, September 2006

Steve was a great man and will not be forgotten.
He helped wildlife and helped us understand them,not fear them!
He was my idol!
I still cannot believe that he has gone.
Me,my family and friends could not believe that it had happened.
He made us laugh when we wathed his programmes.
Steve made a big difference.
I will miss you Steve Irwin!

36. Abigail - 21, September 2006

I think it is awful the way people are posting stupid jokes about steve irwin’s death.
He did a lot for the animals and should be respected!

37. wombat - 22, September 2006

Fair dinkum guys and girls, get a grip! The poor bugger is dead but that doesn’t mean we can’t take the piss out of him. That’s the Australian way. When was the last time that you went to a wake for a family member. Think about it. Besides which, you’ve got to bring the bloke down from the “hero” pedestal that the media and Little Johhny have hoisted him up onto for their own ulterior benefit.

On another note, Philip, what exactly is wrong with the aussie accent? I find it alot more pleasant on the ears than an accent from the bronx or below the Mason-Dixon Line, or the Northern Counties of the UK.

38. Maggie May - 22, September 2006

gazza I heard that joke in 1964 in the DeLuxi Cafe Dirranbandi South West Queensland – I remember the year cos I turned 15 no mention of Steve then but!

39. KRISTIE FROM TASSIE - 22, September 2006


40. gazza - 22, September 2006

we scotish do not care for the whimns of the ausies but i do wish to add that steve was a great man and did many beautiful deeds however i agree with philip and feel that the way he went about his deeds was wrong

sorry gazza

41. gazza - 22, September 2006

what is the big deel im sorry true blue but you have to admit that the big guy would laugh at the jokes as he was a true comedian


42. pippa - 22, September 2006

gazza this is stupid u nare not funny

43. abbie - 22, September 2006

my deepest sy6mpathy goes to terry,bindy,bob and all of steves family and friends.

44. holly and christina - 22, September 2006

i am very sorry for your loss i am only 13 but steve had a place in my heart. i, like him, care for animals and would like you to know that you have my deepest sympathy. when people tell jokes about your loss at school i look down on them and think it is horrid, once again very sorry for the death of steve
Holly xxx
and christinaxxx

45. jennifer - 22, September 2006

R.I.P we well all miss you because you was the best Crocodile hunter in the world my mum going to miss you because she loved your shows have the best time in heaven and i hate sting rays now jennifer

46. rebekah - 22, September 2006

my sympathy goes to all of the irwin family, for this tragic loss he was an inspiration to people all around the world
i was very sad for this loss as i am sure this was for many others

47. pippa - 22, September 2006

Belt up people, this is for Steve we are not on msn

48. jodie harmel - 22, September 2006

gonn a miss u

49. MITCHELL - 22, September 2006


50. Abigail - 22, September 2006

My deepest sypathy goes out to bindi,terri,bob and all of steves family and friends.
He will not be forgotten

51. Jack Papier - 22, September 2006

Thanks for the Jokes. I’m going to be a stingray in a creature “pageant” in a cabaret over the next month. && I agree that compassion for the family of a deceased hard working father and husband is deserved. (Even if he is a warmongering, animal harrassing freak BTW anyone who supports the Bush administration is a problem.) I really think that it is because life matters so much that we must be able to make comments/take the piss out of eachother. We’re social beings and we live in this media world. My two cents.

52. collie dog - 23, September 2006

gazza – i don’t mind a bit of levity if there is cleverness and wit – I am offended by your jokes because they are devoid of both. as Maggie May said the barmaid joke is out of the arc and the others are – um well, we’re all yawning. Please go away.

53. Jaybeans - 24, September 2006


54. RealWildlifeWarrior - 25, September 2006

I have to agree 100% and more with PETE, I am REAL ‘Wildlife Warrior’, one of thousands, that for absolutely NOTHING in return, rescue, rehabilitate, raise, and release Australian wildlife. Our ‘job’ is payless, thankless, costly, but satisfying to know that we have made a real difference WITHOUT all the ‘stirring up’ of and annoying to animals in need for media hype. We would spend thousands per year for these animals to release BACK to the wild NOT into a zoo. I’ve had first hand experiences with Mr Irwin and his ‘zoo’ and their vets, so far I’ve raised, rehabilitated and released 3 animals that they had already decided were ‘not worth the time, money and effort’ and were about to euthanase. Over the years I’ve dealt directly with Queensland Parks and Wildlife, various Wildlife Care Groups that deal solely and wholly on being ‘Wildlife Warriors’, if anyone has taken the time to notice, Mr Irwin NEVER televised a gentle, serene capture or display of an injured or whatever animal, he stood in that stupid intimidating crouch to deliberately stir the animals up before filming would start. All for the camera. Several animals have died after his escapades, he’d ‘billet’ out orphaned kangaroos for raising, only to demand their return to the ‘zoo’ at which time he’d cull them to feed his bloody tigers and crocs… what was the point in the carer spending her time and money for that, when the poor animal should’ve been released back into the wild? Also, WHO can name something he did for the environment? Why didn’t he EVER offer help to REAL wildlife carers like help supply some formulas, free vet service, even SOME cash that he had plenty of from his facades? Come to it, did ANYONE notice that there was not one single representative from any wildlife care group or Queensland Parks and Wildlife present at his memorial? WHY? cos he was the laughing stock from the REAL WILDLIFE WARRIORS!! However, I will state that many of us feel deeply sorry for Terri, Bindi and Bob. I could think of nothing worse than losing someone like that. As for Mr Irwin? Sorry ‘mate’, but you should’ve left things alone that you nothing about, you stirred up one too many creatures this time round to gain your ‘fame’, THIS one wasn’t going to take your crap. You’re an idiot and nothing but. You got your just deserts as far as hundreds, if not thousands of us believe.

55. RealWildlifeWarrior - 25, September 2006

To add to my previous….. I’ve raised, rehabilitated and released hundreds of animals over the last 15 years, the three I mentioned were the ONLY three that I ever took to the Australia Zoo Animal Hospital, after three times them wanting to euthenase perfectly ‘workable’ youngsters, I never went back. What I did notice tho was a certain vet, operating on a grossy mangled adult Koala (obviously a truck hit) for over 5 hours, many broken bones, lacerated organs as well as many, many external wounds, at Mr Irwins ‘request’. Funny how they can spend so much time on one so injured (which died a few hours after the surgery I might add), but want to euthenase something because it has a minor fracture of a toe, or is an awkward age (a brushtail ‘back packer’ – riding on mums back), or because ‘those critters take time’…. well it’s OUR time, OUR expense, OUR life, OUR choice… so what if some of them are either so injured or so young that they need 24 hour attention? It’s not MR IRWIN that’s getting up every two hours is it???? Like I said, what we are real wildlife carers do is thankless, payless, costly and can be tiring, but we don’t stop just because of that minor issue… we can be called at any time of the night (or day, but mostly night as a majority of Australia’s wildlife is nocturnal), and we’re there, I’m not trying to make us appear to be matyrs, but Mr Irwin slept all night, and never got into the REAL side of caring for wildlife, he merely used us, until we all clammed up and refused…. hence a no show from us or Qld Parks and Wildlife – who we work with directly. It really irks me that Mr Irwin gets all this praise, when unless you’ve been there, seen that, and know what really goes on behind the scenes. What do we as wildlife carers get?? Besides enormous gratification when we release an animal back into the wild? JACK FUCKING SHIT! We call ourselves the ‘silent achievers’, we do it all for the love of the animals, end of story.

56. chrism - 26, September 2006

Steve was a great man, who did alot of good, and being human, probably some things that are not so good…

Everyone needs to lighten up about the jokes – They are exactly that, jokes… They don’t mean disrespect; I’m sure Steve himself would probably have a good chuckle if he could see some of the jokes being made about him

57. ima runnen - 27, September 2006

he should of worn some sunscreen to block the harmful rays

58. name - 28, September 2006

If he was such a great conservationist why will he be remembered all over the world as “The Croc. HUNTER”? The few times I saw him on TV he was always picking up things by their tails and harrassing them. That’s not conservation. But he did make a reported $100 million by doing this.
Little wonder that the rest of the world see’s Australians as retarded monkeys. He was no more significant to our world than any other tv entertainer. Now go back to your television sets and resume transmission.

59. god - 28, September 2006

Steve was a great guy who provided the world with an appreciation of wildlife. I personally hated crocs until I saw Crocodile Hunter. He was also a human who had a family, and the loss of anybody is going to cause pain for others. I think the jokes here are cool, it is the Aussie way. And I think that Steve would be pretty pissed if someone wasn’t taking the piss out of his death–that’s how we do things here.

60. babychaos - 28, September 2006

“god” mate, I think your comment just about sums it up. It’s the way we used to do things over here in Britain, too. Pity we don’t seem to any more.



61. bob - 28, September 2006

It was only a scratch….get up you girl.

62. sexy_as_fcuk - 29, September 2006

to every1 who is taking offence at these jokes, get a grip! Steve would’ve laughed at them, and if you morons respect him so much, then that’s what you need 2 do! Steve was a true comedian, and loved playing pranks on people. We’re not mocking him, its just light humour, so lighten up! R.I.P. Steve 1962-2006

63. sexy_as_fcuk - 29, September 2006

and to this JAYBEANS guy, shut your hole you d**k! ‘his baby won’t ever meet her dad…’? his baby is a guy you w**k! try and get it right if you’re gonna post here you twat.

64. stevo - 30, September 2006

what was the first thing peter brock heard when he died?

CRIKEY! your dead too!…

65. Nick - 30, September 2006

I heard Steve Irwin went swimming just for the halibut…….

Wrong time, wrong plaice.

Ah well, we can all mullet over…….

66. RealWildlifeWarrior - thats ME. - 3, October 2006

Steve Bloody Irwin did nothing but intimidate even hand reared wildlife, his stupid crouch was enough to scare the daylights out of them. If he wasn’t stirring them up for the ‘show’, he was tormenting them for the cameras. Many actually died after his ‘rescue’ or ‘hunt’, because of his stupidity and determination to make himself look good to the world. The few Aussies that liked him more than likely liked him for entertainment NOT for what he supposedly did for Oz environment. What many of you DON’T realise is, that when Irwin first began on TV, up against people like Rex Hunt, he was actually ‘wrestling’ RUBBER Crocs!!! Get hold of some old footage, you’ll see it for yourself! Then he began trying the real thing, and then into other wildlife, it was then that we of Queensland Parks and Wildlife and all it’s REAL wildlife cares and rehabilitators turned our back on him, rendering him the laughing stock and a TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT to our country….. he was certainly NOT an Aussie ambassador, and also have to mention that his nomination for AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR WAS WITHDRAWN three years ago, because of his stupid escapade of dangling his one month old son in front of a hungry croc! Aussies version of WACKO JACKO!!! How embarrassing!!

67. Blogs of Note: BabyChaos « Mrs Metaphor - 25, January 2007

[…] Blogs of Note: BabyChaos January 25, 2007 Filed under: Uncategorized, Blogs of Note — mrsmetaphor @ 4:35 pm I found babychaos through wordpress a few months ago. It was highlighted as a top post on wordpress with the title of “The Obligatory Steve Irwin Joke.” Since it was only a short time since poor Steve had left us I decided to check out the post. […]

68. aaron hartley st.georges - 24, May 2007

was he gay? i heard him and the stingray were up 2 somthing!

69. babychaos - 7, June 2007

This is not a chat site or a special playground for sad-sack kids from the University of Greenwich to slag each other off. If you’ve come here to write crap like “Kyla is a lesbo” or “I blow bears” then don’t bother. They’ll only go straight into the spam trap because I’ll blacklist you. It’s not even as if you can spell or say something funny. Save it for the bog wall sweetie.

70. dbfdbndn - 9, June 2007

in love steve irwin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was the best dude eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps u shouldnt delete other comments if ur not gonna delete wat aaron wrote – its sick!

71. babychaos - 10, June 2007

Hello there

I don’t get aaron’s “joke” either but his comment is about Steve Irwin, unlike the stuff I deleted which was just a bunch of kids using this as a message board to slag each other off.



72. cody - 23, July 2008

r.i.p Peter Brock such a great race car driver taken doing what you love and with such a shock LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

73. Bobboze - 27, October 2008

JOKE- Steve Irwin isn’t the first bloke to get fucked by something with flaps that smells like fish 😉

74. niall - 12, April 2009

steve irwin died the same way he lived with animals in his heart

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