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What if… 6, September 2006

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Play.

If the dinosaurs hadn’t died out, how many people would be killed by pterodactyl pooh each year? Blue ice aside, would your house insurance cover you if it broke your roof on landing? How many tonnes would the average pterodactyl do in a go? Would houses be completely different as a result? Where would you find pterodactyls in the largest numbers and if applicable what excuse would you use to avoid having to live there?



1. Dino-wiz - 10, May 2007

psssh yeah right hate to be a literalist but there would be no humans nor any large mammels also my colleges agree (biology teacher, smart kids) theyre proboly wouldn’t be any dominant creatures do to the fact intellegnce wouldn’t be able to compete with such large animals

2. babychaos - 10, May 2007

Words fail me! I shudder to think what you would have said about the crappy Star Wars joke I posted on here. Thank heavens you didn’t see it.

Hmm… apologies up front of you have Asperger’s Syndrome or are Autistic or anything, if you do no worries, you weren’t meant to take this post seriously though because it was a joke, a bit of light fluff you see.

If you don’t have a disability and are actually a normal person typing that well… um… go look up the phrase. “Sense of humour” on Google because you need to find out what it is and get hold of one fast.

I’m not sure I can do this without sounding a bit mean but look, if you’re going to make smart-arsed comments on people’s blogs you have to say something that is a) smart, b) reads as a coherent sentence and well… c) being able to spell simple words like colleague would help. What you’ve done here, is make yourself look a bit of a tit. A humourless one at that.

Lighten up sweetie, life is not all serious.

Take care.


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