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Love Carrots, Love Vegetables…. 7, September 2006

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Play.

You what? I hear you ask. Well…. here in the deepest darkest fens many people grow their own fruit and veg. I, myself, have some very pathetic broccoli, some quite good tomatoes and fab apples and plums… oh yes and some peppers, more chilli than you could shake a very big stick at and some of the sickest, most miserable looking potato plants you’ll ever see – except for the wild one growing rampantly through the flower border, of course…. sighs resignedly. I also grow herbs because they taste so much better fresh than dried….

I’m proud of my gardening prowess. There’s something oddly fulfilling about getting down and dirty in the soil, all that crap under your fingernails and mud all over everywhere – not forgetting the hedge clippings in your bra. Absolutely de rigeur they are. As you sit soaking in scarily brown bathwater at the end of a day in the garden you feel you’ve really achieved something.

Plants are living things and you can nurture them which appeals to my maternal instincts. They are often as wayward as children, refusing to grow where the trellis is or merely seeding bigger, better random specimens than you could ever hope to grow on purpose – usually in the most inconvenient place possible.

As a result my approach is very chaos theory, if something appears where it shouldn’t be I tend to leave it to get on with it. Hence the huge potato growing in the flower border and the fabulous alpine strawberry plants growing out of the cracks in the patio. Gardening is also rewarding because in the soil round here the weakest, most pathetic plant will grow like a triffid.

Take nasturtiums, things which I always thought were about a foot long with nice trumpety flowers in red orange or yellow and a faintly mustardy taste. In our garden they run rampant all over the shop, they have tendrils as long as a man… a very tall man. They glide over the path and unless vigorously constrained, onto the lawn… I particularly like the fact that all plants, au naturel, are different, irregular and not like their supermarket cousins. Peppers, for example are not all the same size, some are big and some are small. Many are pointy. Tomatoes…. tomatoes actually taste of something and you know what? It’s not fish. They’re not crunchy either. Plums are sweet and juicy not the wooly tasteless things the supermarkets sell.

Nature is harsh but she has a sense of humour and every now and again she throws up something that will make the gardener with puerile or surrealist leanings guffaw with delight. Round our way, where root vegetables are the thing, she is particularly generous with her gift of love carrots.

What are love carrots? Well um…. these are love carrots.


Are they the reincarnated remnants of star-crossed lovers? Er, no but they are weird and sometimes funny. They are also surprisingly common. These days, I photograph them when I find them. I also photograph other love vegetables. I am strange and probably in need of therapy. Never mind.

Here is a pair of love tomatoes I prepared earlier. I’m afraid this shot is posed…. The carrots? Nope, they come out of the ground like that.




1. lea alissa - 8, September 2006

oh wow. i have never grown a plant in my entire life. does the monggo bean sprouting a feeble root in between wet toilet paper sheets count? i killed some herbs in pots too, and all i did was water them and cut bits of leaves for a week. 😦 i think i’m cursed.
i envy your gardening magic. you’re like my dad. he can grow anything anywhere. and they bear fruit and flowers.
i on the other hand leave a trail of death.

2. Mrs. Nicklebee - 12, September 2006

I usually leave a trail of death, too. *sigh*

So I scrolled down your page to see if there was a way to contact you about that washing machine fiasco and found this post that allowed comments. I hope you don’t mind.

I believe you!! I have had my share of laundry related “incidents” and if it wasn’t so confounded frustrating, it might make for a good sitcom script. I hope things turn out well for you. 🙂 Please know you are not the first person to mess up an appliance. (Or the first to wrestle with the best time and/or method of broaching the subject with hubby. ;))

3. Led Grow Lighting - 18, March 2008

Hahaha I love the pictures wish I could grow some tomatoes like that.

4. rogge chikas - 10, April 2008

oh hahaha! love the weird veggies… please post more pix!!! thx.

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