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7 Things About my Day. 11, September 2006

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Grumpy Old Bag.

My day so far…..

1. My perfectly housetrained cat poohed and weed in our hall. No idea why, didn’t catch him in time to rub his nose in it or at least, not so’s he’d understand.

2. My washing macine is still broken. Having finally emptied it – spin cycle again and again until egg cup full by egg cup full the volume of water reduced enough for it to let me open the door – and despite the water being turned off at the mains the ruddy thing has somehow filled itself up again. On the upside, it let me open the door almost at once.  On the downside, that’s One kitchen full of purple, lint-filled water later I am still up to my arms in it with no obvious end in sight and despite the fact I am clearly “flushing it though” and I can hear the pump going the machine’s clearly sodding broken.  Clogged to the gills as it is with purple fluff.

3. Was due at a meeting a quarter of an hour ago. Have cancelled but only on answerphone because I was up to my ankles in purple, lint filled water at the time so I couldn’t really leave the house to get hold of a human.

4. Half cooked tonight’s pudding before I realised the weevils got my treacle and I threw it away. Had to run up to Waitrose to buy some more.

5. Had to return to Waitrose to get some unsalted butter.

6. Had to bear the humiliation of going to Waitrose, TWICE, wearing the kind of clothes you only wear when you are taking a washing machine to pieces.

7. It’s a beautiful day outside and I’m inside, failing spectacularly to fix the smegging washing machine

8. If I wrote this happening to a character in a novel, they’d say it was unrealistic and nobody’d believe me.

9. The kitchen is in the most godawful mess and there is a broken throw hanging on the washing line which has shed purple fur all over the grass….

10. It is also in my ears.

Where’s Cat Z when you need him?



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