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A Bit of an Apology 11, September 2006

Posted by babychaos in Heavy Flow.

I’m writing about breaking a washing machine today when really, what I should be thinking about is the 3000 people who died 5 years ago today, in 2001. For what it’s worth, if you lost someone and you’re reading this… I am sorry. And I’m sorry for your loss, too.

I lost one friend in an air crash. Three things made it particularly sad for me, first, her boyfriend, who died with her, was in Tianamen Square at the time of the massacre and survived just to die on a Nepalese mountain a year later. Second, I found out by reading a two page spread about “one of the victims” – her – in the Times. Three, I spent her funeral stuck in a fucking traffic jam on the stupid bloody fucking M6 so I never got to say goodbye to her and to this day, that bugs me.

Some of the survivors lost almost everyone they knew, certainly everyone they worked with. The staffs of entire departments, not to mention some companies, were wiped out. They lost husbands, wives, sons, daughters and loved ones. There was no confirmation of the truth, their loved ones just didn’t come home. I should think most of the rest found out the way I did, by reading it in the newspapers. Trust me, it’s a grim way to learn news like that. They were all sorts of nationalities and religions, including muslims. There was nothing left, nothing to bury, nothing to help the survivors or berieved bring about closure – they’re stuck on their own M6.

My friend died swiftly and in all likelihood, painlessly with the man she loved. The people who died on 11/9 had longer to come to terms with death than I would have appreciated, some rang their loved ones to say goodbye. So wherever you are today, feel free to join me spending time thinking about those who died and those who survived and praying to whatever god you pray to that the pain the survivors feel will be eased and that the victims will rest in peace.

And while we’re at it, I guess maybe we should pray the people who did this. Let’s face it anyone who is deranged enough to believe that God, in any form, thinks wasting 3000 people is a good idea has got to need all the help they can get.



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