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Moral Dilemma…. 11, September 2006

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Moral dilemma, it’s Sunday, you’ve just bought a second hand velveteen rug/throw to go over your rather pink “new” (to us) sofa. It smells a bit stoury and manky so you decide to wash it. Husband agrees with this plan so you bung it in the washing machine. An hour later, you notice said washing machine has finished it’s cycle but luckily, before you open the door, you notice a second, disturbing fact. It’s full of murky brown water and lots of fluff….


Spin and rinse, listen to the pipe outside and yes, there’s a tiny trickle but when it’s finished it’s still full of murky brown water and more fluff than before.

Fact one. You’ve ruined the throw.
Fact two. You can’t get it out without flooding the kitchen.

You’ve have had a great weekend with your husband, you always do but this one got off to a dodgy start – a misunderstanding on Friday night, causing a pointless argument. It was soon resolved but it upset both of you. Even so, as stated, you’ve had a great weekend.

You know what you’ve done to the machine, you’ve clogged the pump with fluff. You also know the cure. Get loads of old towels, open the door with a bowl under it and let the water flood out all over the kitchen floor. Clear up water, remove soggy fluff from machine, clean up clogged up fluff filter and pray that a ghost wash will be enough to sluice the remaining fluff from the pump and set the thing right. You also know that if this doesn’t work, you’ve broken the washing machine as well as the throw. Ok so it takes one and a half hours to complete a wash cycle, that mightn’t be such a bad thing in some ways but your husband may not see it that way – after all, it’s his hard earned cash which will be dished out on the new one.

You know that this is not the way your husband will want to spend his Sunday evening. You know that he will be fed up. You know he will be even more fed up if you have knackered the machine as well. You know, in short, that if you tell him you will ruin his weekend even though it’s the honest option. Do you…

1. Tell him that you’ve broken the machine, apologise and help him to fix it.
2. Hope he doesn’t notice and then “reschedule” the accident to Monday morning while he was at work.

The big risk with option two, of course, is that he’ll “discover” the accident before Monday morning comes.

I’m afraid I chose to reschedule. He hasn’t noticed and we had a lovely Sunday night. Phew!

How do I get myself into situations like this?

Please let me be able to open the door….

Ho hum… Better find those towels and get started then….

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