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This Week’s Tally 15, September 2006

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Play.

Over the last few days I have managed to leave an impressive trail of destruction in my wake, even for me.

This week I have been mostly breaking…

The washing machine
CF all my rantings on Monday. The new one arrives in two weeks, please God don’t let me run out of pants and socks before that day.

My luscious car
This is a serious pisser!  My luscious car hardly ever goes wrong.  The hinge on the boot has seized ripping itself off its fibreglass lid one side when I opened it and the hinge stayed shut. Cursed fool!  Why did I not notice any difference in the resistance!  My car boot is therefore only closed on the right and I am kicking myself for not noticing and whipping in there with the WD40.  Then again, when I’m zimming along at speeds which, for legal reasons, I can’t admit to – not even here on a relatively anonymous blog – the fallen leaves clogging up my back window are seldom even disturbed…. The stereo initialised 3 different CDs in as many minutes for the first time in at least 18 months while the iPod plug-me-in thing has stopped working for the first time ever and the battery is not charging…. In short, long journeys are a no-no and short journeys are going to be… interesting. I missed an appointment with a client followed by a free lunch in the pub. Worse, the guy’s the subject of a documentary and it was all going to be on telly.


The fan belt’s still on so I have a new alternator on order and it’s booked in for Monday for fitting. I’m not sure it’s that, though and neither, I suspect, is the mechanic…. All that strange stereo shenanigins suggests something, somewhere is blown, disconnected or shorting. It wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened. All the hoses on the cooling system gradually worked their way loose over the course of a year so until one day I lookekd behind me on the motorway to see clouds of scary green steam.  Luckily the engine temperature – which I noticed first – only got to about 106 degrees before I was able to pull over safely.  Having a flat bottom which can only be removed on a goey uppy hoisty thing it’s not like I could sort that out by the side of the road – not that I mind, spare tyres and other “luxury” items are for puffs. Apparently though, this is common in Lotuses (Loti?). Even more reason to believe today’s little adventure is going to be more complicated than the alternator….  The average Lotus is somewhat moody.  I reckon something’s been jiggling about and rubbing against something else until the insulation’s come off and it’s started shorting out to the only non plastic thing in the entire car yada, yada, yada…

My iPod
This has been knackered for sometime now but I am cautiously optimistic I’ve discovered what I’m doing wrong. An important piece of sellotape had come off the thing that connects the hard drive to everything else and the drive was getting no power. I thought this was a loose connection, in fact it wasn’t loose enough. I took photos and I’ll be writing that one up as it solves the debate about smacking them – which worked the first time and which can be found here: http://www.notpopular.com/blog/comments.php?blogID=69.

This week, I have managed to mend.

My iPod.

Mmm….. A partial success then.



1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 17, September 2006

Wow! My hat’s off to ya for fixing your iPod. My van has been malfuctioning since last weekend and I don’t think it’s an easy fix. I’m not sure if I could smack it hard enough to see if that’d help, though it might make ~me~ feel better.. 😉

Glad to hear you’re new washer is on the way – on the slow track, apparently, but on the way nonetheless! What a relief it will be to get it, I’m sure!

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