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The Chaos Fairies Ate My Day 17, September 2006

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Play.

Part II of Revenge of the White Goods!

Mr BC has exhorted me not to look at his computer on the grounds that a mere glance from me will make it burst into flames. Yes, this morning, we were pleased to add some more household items to the broken pile….
My iPod AGAIN, hopefully fixed for a little longer this time.

The Freezer, which defrosted itself purely out of chagrin as far as I can tell, tonight we will mostly be eating eight duck breasts, some potato cakes and a kilo of chopped chicken…. At least it’s working again now. Ok so maybe we over filled it. Moral if your freezer has loads of vents in it means the air circulates, put stuff in front of the vents and the top will be hot and the bottom will stay cold… oh, actually, maybe that’s just physics.

The Washing Up Machine, which stopped and wouldn’t go although luckily this turned out to be merely down to the water pressure being too low because we’d turned it off to un-plumb the broken washing machine and not turned it far enough on again….

Oh and not forgetting the boot lid coming off my luscious Lotus. Although luckily we live about 3 doors down from a boat chandlers so I was able to get some fibreglass and make the most god awful repair. A just-like-the-stitching-on-Frankenstein’s-Monster’s-neck style repair. That bad. Unlike Dr Frankenstein, I’ve no excuse either, I can’t put it down to bloke’s sewing. Bloody fibreglass though…. it’s like trying to sculpt with cat hairballs and caramelised suger…. Ugh.  Then again, it’s underneath so nobody can see it…. Gladness percentage at this fact, 100%.
Then again, one major achievement, apart from getting the iPod to work again – thank you father-in-law – I’ve done my tax return so at least the Chaos Fairies didn’t eat my whole day but the Broken Vampire has outstayed his welcome…

Although on the upside none of the Gremlins have stolen my toast…. they’re probably too busy in my car.



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