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How Much is This Blog Worth…. 19, September 2006

Posted by babychaos in Play.

Until I stuck that Steve Irwin photo in, seven tenths of bugger all. Now it’s worth the grand total of $1,129.08*

Mmm…. This blog was worth $0 last week according to the handy blog value calculator I discovered so that’s a splendid leap. So splendid that I thought I’d add the code to my sidebar until it goes back down to unacceptable levels… which it will when people stop circulating jokes about Steve Irwin… or Peter Brock… (who he?)

If I can ever get their site to load, geez things slow down when the Americans wake up, I’ll post a link in the sidebar which will allow you, too, to calculate the value of your blog.

*I suspect a realistic estimate is still 0.0003 of a p.



1. Dona Helbert - 27, October 2010

If you wander what’s your websites worth try : sitevalue.sulano.com

babychaos - 6, November 2010

Tried it and it doesn’t work at all.

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