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Blog Stats 26, September 2006

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Humour, Play.

Did you know your blog stats will tell you what people have been typing into their search engines to find your blog? I just thought you’d be intrigued to know what some people have typed in to their search engines to find this site. Judging by most of it I can imagine they’re quite surprised when they end up here….

Here are a couple (in the South African sense) of highlights.

Miscarriage + Chicken – I’m guessing that whoever typed that may have been actually looking for this blog as I think chicken giblets are mentioned in the miscarriage section…. probably not a combination of words you’d find anywhere else.

Drink her wee – Please no. There is an entry containing the words wee and drink although not quite in that order. I suspect that particular visitor was disappointed to find this blog and not a site containing more flesh tones…..

Old bag sex – Oh dear.

Little Women Hoovering… – I see…. is that a porn film for midgets? A little known sequel to the famous novel?

The number sixty three – Mmm. Wibble.

Numbers one to one hundred – Mr Logic reads my blog!

Humour and memory loss – I forget why I found this funny.

Neil Diamond, yada – Okaaaay… Actually I have mentioned him, after all, he is the God of all that is Sparkly, Hairy-Chested, Cheesy and Not in the Best of Taste. The Dark Lord of the Spangly Sith… he is my guilty pleasure. It’s the yada I don’t get…

Wizened – As in wrinkly? No. I don’t want to think about it.

Was Steve Irwin a idiot that mucked around – No. I don’t think so. Mucked around with what, anyway?

Informataion about space man – No way dude?

Other entries would suggest that I’m not the only person whose had a miscarriage or an infestation of bugs in their kitchen. It’s clear a lot of people’s cats eat slugs, too, I wish ours would, my plants would be happier.

Pipple Toot.



1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 27, September 2006

Goodness gracious! “Drink her wee”??? There are some sick people out there! I had forgotten about that handy dandy search string feature. It certainly gives a person ideas for blog posts, doesn’t it! I didn’t get anything nearly as … “interesting” as you did.

“clean up ink on a rug” Whoever they are, I feel their pain!
“pen and ink trees” If only!
“dog, ink, eating” That’s probably how it got onto the rug. Ask me how I know. *rolling eyes*

Fun post, BC! 🙂

2. susie - 28, September 2006

How funny, I wonder what people type in to come up with my website :o)

3. babychaos - 28, September 2006

I’m a little bit frightened to think, with the words “boys” and “toys” in the title I suspect most of it in the flesh tints zone! 😉

4. Mrs. Nicklebee - 30, September 2006


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