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Unfortunate Product Names…. 3, October 2006

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Humour, Play.

Something I like to collect.

In Britain, “Nad” is a slang word for testicle. So if you’re after a sack, back and crack try nads on your ‘nads. Alternatively, as per the product’s full name – if you’re worried it’ll hurt try it with Austrailan Nads first, before you do your own…..


As you can see, it’s not gone down a bundle in my local branch of Boots!


Aaah… the Beefmaster. A bar-b-queue that sounds like a porn flick.





1. mrsmetaphor - 7, October 2006

LOL…that is all I can say.
thanks for that diversion…now for something completely different…putting kids to bed.

2. Geldoff - 10, October 2006

Nice one!
My favourite unfortunate name is the Mitsubishi “Pajero” which is Spanish slang for “wanker”. (Now who’d suggest a dreadful thing like that about those nice 4WD people?!)
Then, of course, there’s the Vauxhall/Opal(?) Nova that never sold well in Spain. More ‘well-spent’ marketing money: “No va” translates as “Doesn’t go”.
never mind …

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