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Nervous Farting is Dangerous! Danish Operation Goes er… Quite Wrong! 17, October 2006

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Humour, Play.

There’s a lot of stuff in the news here about new proposals that British GPs should help reduce hospital waiting lists by performing minor operations in their surgeries.  I thought I should post this to show how such a system can er…. backfire….





1. Geldoff - 17, October 2006

Why is it that this German invention “scheidenfreude” causes us all to descend into paroxysms of naughty, knowing snickering and snorty nasal ejaculations at the slightest hint of embarrassing injury to our fellow man? Having played the sometimes gentlemanly game of cricket for a number of years and having been the recipient of a shiny red leather projectile in me delicate bits on more than one occasion I grumpily and loudly failed to see what was quite so funny about the planet of pain that I was temporarily visiting.
Of course when it happened to someone else I could instantly have been found guilty by twelve good men and true of the heinous crime of emitting an “Ooh-ooh-ooh” sound through pursed lips while smirking broadly and muttering “Don’t rub-em, count ’em!”.
Oh and it has to be said that that poor bloke with the burnt bo££ocks is an utter thigh slapper! Ooh-ooh-ooh!

2. mrsmetaphor - 22, October 2006

This is why those “funniest home videos” programs are so wildly popular…yikes…

3. Mrs. Nicklebee - 28, October 2006

Yikes is right! If that had been caught on video, he could be a ten thousandaire. That’s all America’s Funniest Home Videos” is anymore, men getting their “delicate bits” smashed or someone breaking their back in an incident involving a trampoline.

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