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Take a Break… 28, October 2006

Posted by babychaos in careers, General Wittering, Life and living, Play, Work.

There will now be a two week break while my esteemed spouse and I gallivant about in the States – Dallas, Arizona, Utah and if Mr BC’s fiendish clients get their way we may be flown to Kansas City for a day, too… I’m kind of hoping not though, it’s his holiday, after all and they really should learn to appreciate that he has a life.

By special request yes, indeed, that’s you, Mrs N, I also enclose a picture of some of my art work because if this page is going to be sitting here for the next two weeks I may as well try and make it look pretty.


This one is called “Things Which Fly” and I’ve just submitted it to a greetings card company. I hope I haven’t buggered up its chances by putting it here but then again, I’ve a small, exclusive readership so I think the likelihood of it being seen is remote!

So as the French say, a Bientot!

Pipple toot.




1. lea alissa - 29, October 2006

i love your art work! 😀 i especially like the fish. i used to paint in highschool..but then things happened and i forgot..
seeing your stuff makes me want to go back to my father’s house to get my painting junk and do something with them. (even if it’s not going to be as good as yours..)
any chance you’d post some of your older art works?

2. Mrs. Nicklebee - 30, October 2006

Oh how adorable!!!! Thank you letting us have a look. 😀 I wish I had that kind of talent! My 8 year old son and I both think that, out of our favorite six frames ;), we like the bat the best.

3. Moe - 30, October 2006

Those are so cute! I love the little bat. 🙂


4. mrsmetaphor - 31, October 2006

YES….the bat is awesome! I like them all though!

5. Mrs. Nicklebee - 5, November 2006

*crickets chirping* … sure is quiet in here … it’s most unnatural!

6. babychaos - 17, November 2006

Hello everybody peps!

Thanks for the encouragement… Much apprecited. All we have to do now is see if I hear anything from the card company, hey they only get 40,000 submissions a year (to one poor woman) so I’m bound to*… in the meantime I had better get on with writing a children’s book to go with my mad doodles, I reckon that’s the way to get ahead!



* That was sarcasm!

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