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Famous people talking about fame.. 7, December 2006

Posted by babychaos in Art, Life and living.
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Just thinking a bit more about poor old Britney. Ok so she’s being a bit of an idiot at the moment but who hasn’t been a plonker sometime in their life? So if we want to know what being famous is really like, maybe we should ask some famous people no? I Googled “famous people talk about being famous” and here’s a few quotes from an interview transcript I found.

Extra points go to the reader who guesses who the famous person talking about fame here is.

“Being in the public eye is strange because for the most part, people are allowed to live their lives and make their mistakes but a public personality has to make those mistakes in front of everybody. You do a stupid thing – and we’ve all done stupid things – you have to do it in front of millions of people and (if it’s strange and weird and they get a good picture) in front of hundreds of millions of people and (if they get a good video) maybe in front of billions of people.

“So it is a very odd kind of life to live and you have to figure it out. How do you maintain your own sanity through this? And it is why so many performers reach for spiritual help. They reach for therapy. They reach for all kinds to somehow get to understand how they deal with this and still survive as a human being. This is what they may have wished for for a lifetime, or dreamed of, but how to live with it….?”

Here’s another one (um’s and you knows edited out):

“I think at the heart of every successful person, especially… if you’re born poor – it doesn’t matter that the world pays tribute to you or loves you or loves what you do later on – still, underneath, you’re that frightened person that’s wondering what exactly is going on here and should this be happening and certainly (wondering), do I deserve any of this? Every great performer (feels this) – I don’t care how confident they seem, how oblivious to all of the wonderful accolades they receive.

“You must see them as human beings. For the most part they are frightened and I’m exactly the same.”

Damn true and damn honest – especially as this particular artist probably has enough gold discs to tile the roof of Castle Howard.

There’s a growing tendency in the media to treat famous people like they’re brands, political parties or inanimate things. This is so weird – as well as arrogant – because they’re not. They’re people and they haven’t got any more clue what’s going on than the rest of us. Perhaps it’s a way people try to rationalise their own lives – look at successful people, emulate and learn – but they don’t seem to think about it very hard or they’d twig it ain’t like that. Even some of the ones who are living the dream don’t seem to have sussed this.

I find interacting with people and the whole art of being a human being quite scary. I doubt I’m alone. When I was a kid I thought it would be easier if I was famous. I thought everyone would like me then.

Obviously, now I’m older, I, like any fool, can see that being famous makes it more difficult. After all, it’s nerve wracking going up to somebody you don’t know and talking to them, it’s doubly nervewracking if you know they are approached by complete wackos every other minute and that they have people…. BIG people… who do not know the difference between you and a wacko who are going to intervene. If you’re famous, other people are not going to be able to make the first move and you’re going to have to do it yourself. Always.

And if that was me, I’d start to lose my grip, I’d be thinking “if I binned the minders for a day would anyone want to talk to me?” There’d be no way for me to refuel my self esteem because there would be no way other people could come and talk to me and reassure me that I was attractive or interesting or… whatever. I’d be making all the running.

You’d have to be rock-solid with yourself and everyone around you to handle that. Britney isn’t. To be honest, her music ain’t my bag and I do think she’s behaving like a fool… but I hadn’t the first clue who I was when I was her age – so maybe everyone, including me, should give her a bit of slack.



1. Deanna - 8, December 2006

It’s nice to see someone be kind to her! Most everyone is being so awful! Yeah, she’s messing up, but she’ll get through it. She’s got good publicists. 🙂

2. babychaos - 8, December 2006

That’s true but I think there are also a lot of people around her giving her very bad advice… on second thoughts, maybe they’re being a bit too overbearing with the good advice and sending her on a rebellion spree!



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