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The Most Pathetic Christmas Joke of All Time… 15, December 2006

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Humour, Light Fluff, Play.

Darth Vader is having a lightsabre fight with Luke Skywalker. Suddenly he backs off and says.

“Luke, Luke, I know what you’re getting for Christmas!”

“No, father, you don’t.” Says Luke. “Now I must fight you.”

“Luke…” Says Darth, backing off a bit more. “I KNOW what you are getting for Christmas!”

“No, father, you don’t.” Says Luke. “Now are we going to have this fight or what?”

“Do not under-estimate the Dark Side, my Son. I know what you are getting for Christmas!”

“No you don’t, father.” Says Luke.

“Yessss, my son, I do for I have felt your presents.”

That joke was reproduced in aid of give an old joke a home week. Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for your time and attention.


1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 15, December 2006

The worst part is that I never even saw it coming!! *hand smacks forehead*

2. babychaos - 15, December 2006

Nice to think I lulled you into a vegitative enough state to make it surprise you!

3. Geldoff - 16, December 2006

Now … you started this 🙂

Whadaya call a man with a log on his head?

Whadaya call a man with 2 logs on his head?
-Edward Wood.

Whadaya call a man with 3 logs on his head?
-Edward Woodward.

Whadaya call a man with 4 logs on his head?
-Dunno, but Edward Woodward would!

Boo! Hiss!! Fairy Nuff.

4. odaroo - 16, December 2006

I don’t get it.

5. thescoundrel - 16, December 2006

funny, I like it. of course after opening the presents he probably found a nice new bionic hand all wrapped in a glistening black foil paper with a shiny black bow on top.

6. Ben 1 - 17, December 2006

I thought that last part was part of the joke, so I was reading through it, not expecting the punch line of the joke to be the end, and as soon as I read it, I just closed my eyes, laughed and shook my head. Nicely done.

7. Moe - 17, December 2006

Not feel bad, Mrs. Nicklebee, I didn’t see it coming either! lol 😛


8. babychaos - 17, December 2006


In the Star Wars films, Darth Vader (the bad guy with the mask) tends to detect his enemies by feeling their presence though the force.

He mentions it regularly both to them and others throughout the series but I think it crops up the first time in the original Star Wars, the one released in 1978, in which he tells Obiwan Kenobe that he knew he was there because, I quote. “I have felt your presence.” This shortly before despatching him to Jedi heaven with a light sabre.

So… the joke is on the word “presence” and presents which are pronounced in a way that sounds similar. Here in Britain, we call this a “pun”. A form of humour universally renowened for being crap.

I believe the pun was invented by Shakespeare (I may be wrong though) whatever the origins, his work is certainly full of them! His are also crap and nobody gets them either. 😉



9. babychaos - 17, December 2006

PS Geldof, only just found your jokes…
What d’you call a man with a spade on his head?
What d’you call a man with a seagull on his head?
What d’you call a man trapped under a pile of fallen leaves?

Your go! 😉



10. Susie - 3, February 2007

Oh here’s another couple of those…

What d’you call a man with a rabbit on his head?

What d’you call a man with a wire sticking out of his head?

11. Susie - 5, February 2007

And continuing the Star Wars theme, did you know there’s now a National Star Wars Day?

It’s …May the 4th ….

be with you, bless you for reading.


12. babychaos - 5, February 2007

Jeez, that’s impressively crap but… oh dear, Im laughing!



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