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Sod it. 17, December 2006

Posted by babychaos in Adult Content, Art, careers, General Wittering, Life and living, Work.
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They didn’t want my greetings cards!

Arse! Arse! Arse!

Unlike publishers, they were courteous, quick to respond and they did refer me to other people, so although the fact they didn’t want my designs is BAD the fact they thought other people might is GOOD because it means they must be a reasonable standard!

Swings and roundabouts then… but once again, not the one with the money on!




1. Geldoff - 18, December 2006

An interesting – and satisfyingly fulfilling – expletive at the end there, BC! However I suspect that our cousins-from-across-the-pond may be confounded by the term because it doesn’t occur in cfatp’s language, oddly enough.

For example, if you’ve ever watched an episode of the redoubtable sitcom ‘Married with Children’, Al Bundy’s wife’s maiden name was Peggy Wanker, which never raises so much as a titter or a blunt intake of breath from the Live Studio Audience.

And cfatp appear to think that a fanny is a BACK bum! The poor linguistically misguided cousins. 🙂

2. babychaos - 18, December 2006

I don’t think the idea that we eat faggots goes down too well, either… I love the vaguaries of language!



3. odaroo - 18, December 2006

Hey, BC. Thanks for enlightening me on that Star Wars joke, it’s highly appreciated 🙂

Best Regards,

4. iheartblackeyes - 19, December 2006

I’ve grown to like you quite a bit, give me a greeting card:)

5. babychaos - 19, December 2006

Any time OD and thank you IHB, that’s a vvery nice thing to say.

Pipple toot


6. Mrs. Nicklebee - 19, December 2006

Awww, I’m sorry, BC. That is so wrong!! Those people really don’t know what they’re doing. I hope they don’t find themselves out on the street for throwing the company into a state of financial ruin for their poor judgement

This cfatp is familiar with the final expletive thanks, in no small part, to interactions with friends abroad. Thanks to Sweary, er, BC, I’m now learning new words at a rate of about one per day. Whether or not I can use them is another story! BC, you almost need a “Glossary” tab! 😉

Is this a one way thing or are there things we say over here that you think, “What?? What does that mean?” \:-|

7. babychaos - 19, December 2006

Usually you’re ok. I guess partly because we love all that “d’you know they call a bum a fanny!?” over here and partly because there are so many American films about that the rest of us usually get to pick it up.

I’m glad to think I’m contributing so much to your vocabulary! I think we Brits have a strange spidey sense for language though which just turns up subconsciously over time because of the way we use it. It’s like we have to have variety so we’re always searching for alternative words. But instead of variety it leads to precision because all these different words end up meaning slightly different shades of the same thing.

I find I often understand slang expressions, here in the UK at any rate, even if I’ve never heard them before. That said, rest assured any oddments and I’ll be pestering you for “translations”! You betcha!



8. mrsmetaphor - 11, January 2007

Obviously, they cannot recognise TRUE talent when they see it!

9. babychaos - 12, January 2007

Aw you flatter me ambassador…



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