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Colds are crap. 19, December 2006

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Life and living.
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I have woman’s man flu today so I’m sitting in bed surfing the net and doing bugger all… if I didn’t feel so ill it’d be splendid!

The weather is aptly reflecting my condition. Though the sun tried to break through all day it has failed and the neighbourhood – and by all accounts the entire country – remains wrapped in a blanket of fog. Trees are frostbound, everything etched with white since this morning and showing no signs of thawing out. All is quiet, the fog dampening much of the usual aural background of the day. There is no breeze, adding to the oppresiveness. Windows are lined with condensation and in this house, at least, the smell of menthol pervades the air.

Downstairs the story is different. For some reason our next door neighbour sat in his car with the engine running for 20 minutes this morning. After a brief trip indoors for 10 minutes he came out and ran the engine for another 10, revving it intermittnatly. Heaven alone knows what he was doing but thick treacly black clouds of diesal fumes belched from the back of the car. It slid over the fence and made its way stealthily into our kitchen through the air bricks. Before long it was misty inside and smelt like a bus garage.

Lucky I’m the one without a sense of smell!

Ah well, at least I’ve got my Christmas cold started good and early. I may even be up and about by Christmas.



1. odaroo - 19, December 2006

Is it me or everyone gets a cold just before Christmas? I always see it as a good sign: in order to fully enjoy something, you need to pass through a moment of crap. Think about it, it makes sense 🙂


2. babychaos - 20, December 2006

It’s not you, I think that too.

When it comes to colds I get one just before each and every Christmas, actually, I lie, it’s usually just after, in January. Last year I spent two weeks away in South Africa on a wine tasting holiday with a sinus infection. I was able to taste on the first and last day. The rest of the time it might as well have been feathers and water. Still a great holiday though!



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