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Where have I been? 4, January 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Play.

Kicks tumble weed aside. Actually, I’ve got loads of real work.

This is A GOOD THING because it earns me money but at the same time it is also A BAD THING because it means I run out of time and something far more interesting, like doing this, has to give.

Ah well. Here’s a nice picture of Crete in October 06, on one of the few occasions it wasn’t raining!


PS.  Geldof, for some unknown reason WordPress thinks you’re spam so it puts all your comments in my spam trap.  Now I’ve worked this out I visit it regularly to approve them, I didn’t before though, so they were probably getting deleted after seven days.   It’s all very odd and as we stand there appears to be no apparent cure.   Even though I “unspam” you it still thinks you’re spam the next time.  Now I know, though, there should be a short delay rather than a full-on disappearance!


1. chrisfiore5 - 4, January 2007

just dropped by, random thoughts… hope you have a great new year. peace.

2. babychaos - 5, January 2007

Why thank you Chris! I hope you have a fine and dandy 2007, yourself!



3. Mrs. Nicklebee - 5, January 2007

Yay on the real work, BC! 🙂 Did the greeting card company come to their senses?

4. babychaos - 5, January 2007

Ah sadly no. They gave me loads of names and addresses for other people to pester though so I shall be attending to that shortly!



5. Susie - 7, January 2007

Lovely pic, a moment between the rainstorms? ;o)

6. Bill - 7, January 2007

Beautiful picture. I thank you for your visits to my site and your words of encouragement, it means a lot to me thank you.

7. Geldoff - 8, January 2007

Ah, so THAT’s where the sun goes at night! The Man-in-the-Sun just turns the wick down a bit and parks it over Crete while he and the Cretans (or is that “Cretins”?) grabs a few hours kip 😉

Tx 4 letin me no bout da spam fing, yeh. He a right bad filter, man, yeh? (waggles fingers furiously).

Just thought a bit a da lingo might convince your spam filter tat I’m okay. Hmmm … perhaps not.

Hope 2007 treats you very kindly!

8. babychaos - 8, January 2007

Glad you all liked the piccy. It was the only night it wasn’t pissing with rain!



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