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Proof that Safety Goggles Don’t Always Work 16, January 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Humour, Life and living, Light Fluff, Play.
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I wear glasses but last night, as I broke off some dried rice noodles to re-hydrate in a bowl of hot water, a bit managed to ping up, hit my cheek, riccochet off the inside of my spectacles’ lense and go into my eye.  It got stuck under my eyelid so I had to fill the sink with cold water, stick my face into it and blink to get it out.

It did float it out but my hair got soaked at the front so this morning I look like 1970s Neil Diamond on a bad hair day. Yep, I’m a brillo-head, too only I wasn’t famous or grown up in the 70s so I’ve absolutely no excuse. Curses!

PS I’m not famous or gown up now, either.



1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 18, January 2007

Goodness gracious, Gimpy! Why don’t you just stick a cotton swab through your eardrum or harpoon a pencil through a nostril and get that out of the way sooner rather than later? Sheesh! Maybe I’ll train my princess to be a helper dog and send her over to be your constant companion who barks whenever she senses you’re in danger.

How’s your eye doing?

2. babychaos - 19, January 2007

(sheepishly) It’s ok now thanks.



3. Mrs. Nicklebee - 27, January 2007

I’m sorry, BC. I happened to reread my comment and it sounds so harsh! Really and truly, I was laughing and cringing and feeling sorry for you all at once, but not ridiculing.

I’m glad your eye is better. Dry noodles can get ugly with skin which is much tougher than eyeballs.

4. babychaos - 28, January 2007

No worries it was a jokey sheepish! 😉



5. Mrs. Nicklebee - 28, January 2007

Okay. I wanted to make sure. Sometimes I can come across like a slap in the face without meaning to.

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