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The REAL Eternal Questions of Existence: Number 63 19, January 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Humour, Light Fluff, Play.
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You go to London for the day, you come home, your bogies are black and you can see the bits of grit in the hanky when you blow your nose.

You live in London, you’re there 24/7 and your bogies cease to be black. They go back to their normal colour and it’s not like they even taste gritty, either.*


Where does all the black stuff go when you live there?

Answers on a post card please… or at least, in the comments section.

* The reason this blog is anonymous is so that I can make statements like this.



1. Geldoff - 19, January 2007

Simple: the Bogey Fairy takes the grit from the bogies of London dwellers and adds it to the bogies of visitors!

Hah, and you thought you were the only person mining your nose? ‘Fraid not – the BF has first dibs on any bogey anywhere anytime. All part of the magic that comes with being the BF!

Oh and when the BF adds the reclaimed bogey material to visitors bogeys he has to use special bogey glue, which is why they don’t taste gritty. What you’re tasting is genuine bogey glue.

Glad we sorted THAT one out!

2. mrsmetaphor - 22, January 2007

Geldoff, I never realised how learned you were until just now.

Were I to take a guess I’d say that what was happening is that the mucous in your nose (otherwise known as Bogies) after a length of time ceases to be efficient in stalling those black grimies (read: POLLUTION) and the said, grimies go into your actual lungs.

Makes you want to just run right out and live in the big city now, doesn’t it??

3. Mrs. Nicklebee - 24, January 2007

You guys are hilarious!! We don’t have bogies at all here. They’re illegal, along with big cities and pollution. Our earwax is a curious consistency though.

4. babychaos - 24, January 2007

Does it taste as horrible as ours does?



5. Mrs. Nicklebee - 25, January 2007

*wretch … gag* Yes, which must mean that it has some nutritive value. The worse a thing tastes, the healthier it is, right?

6. mrsmetaphor - 25, January 2007

That’s the ‘fiber’ you taste. lol

7. babychaos - 25, January 2007

Absolutely, haven’t you heard of the Earwax and Honey Diet? It’s the new fad, like GI. Mmm Mmm!

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