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Grrreatings… 31, January 2007

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I am just about to go have my eyest tested. Hopefully I will cease walking into lamposts and generally blundering about the place forthwith but don’t hold your breath, my clumsiness is usually down to lack of concentration rather than sight.

I feel premenstural today, too. Premenstrual in a way that makes Medusa look laid back and kindly.

Hey ho… btw why is it that if I put more than three dots WordPress unilaterally decides to make the fourth one huge whether I want to or not. It’s really annoying. If I wanted to put a HUGE dot at the end I’d make it fricking huge MYSELF.

Why don’t computers let you decide anything for yourself? Bastards! And while I’m at it, what’s with the time zone on this thing. I thought I was set to GMT but my stats think today is yesterday. If that doesn’t confuse you nothing will.


I told you I was pre-menstural.

Actually, while I’m here I must tell you, I keep having the most bizarre dreams, too.

I keep having Things-Go-Wrong dreams (only not). You know those ones you get where everything goes wrong and you wake up so stressed with trying to reorganise it all that you feel like you haven’t been asleep? Well those but things don’t go so much wrong as different. Here’s the one I remember from Monday night’s batch, I had two but can’t remember the other one and the lord be praised I slept too well to remember last night’s. Wahoo.

Mr BC and I were in Singapore and we had to catch the BA flight home. Somebody had made a cack job of fixing the window in the hold door – this is a dream, it wasn’t a normal plane, it was more like a boat because there were bedrooms and you could wander about… it also took off from a special landing stage indoors. Where was I? Ah yes.

We took off late because of the repairs and when we finally did it blew out and we had to land so it could be fixed. I was scared we were going to die – no change from the way I normally feel when I get on an aeroplane then. I asked if I had time to get off and go to the loo and they said I could but I took too long and suddenly the window was fixed and the plane was allowed to leave. The air hostesses were all standing in the doorways beckoning me.

“Quick! Quick! We’re going to be late!” Shouted the German one. Yes it was fantasy BA with extra air hostesses kindly donated by Lufthansa.

“Is there time for me to get on?” I asked.

“Yes.” Shouted one of the others. “But we’re about to depart so you must hurry.”

I ran along a gantry on which there were several different gang planks leading into doors along the side of the plane. I consciously took the one to get into the bubble – it was a normal 747 on the outside – because it was nearest. This was a bad move as it turned out to be first class only and they wouldn’t let me on! Once committed to this gantry I couldn’t get to the other doors above ground. I had to go down a spiral staircase and back up in a lift from the ground. Since it was about to depart I thought I had very little chance of getting a lift up in time – think train doors closing 30 seconds before departure as opposed to joyous, run and hop in as it’s going along, old style slam-door trains.

I spent precious seconds begging and pleading to be let in, to no avail. So I ran like buggery down the stairs again which I had to do in order to get to one of the lifts. The hosteses were still yelling that I had time and could get on but needed to hurry. Needless to say as I reached the ground and started for the lift the klaxons sounded and the bloody thing disengaged itself from the plane, hostesses in doorways still encouraging me.

“Shit!” I was thinking. “Mr BC is on that plane… with my passport and all my money.”

The plane went and I started making a complaint to BA since they’d told me I had time to get off and on again and clearly I hadn’t this is a dream remember and one of the fascinating things about dreams is the way history changes as the present unfolds. They were sympathetic but I wasn’t getting anywhere even though I was fairly enraged by this time.

“Bugger.” I thought. “I’ll be stuck here for a week.”

So I asked when the next plain was.

“Seven minutes and it’s a direct service.” Said the BA lady sounding more like a National Express timetable every minute. Oh, not too bad, I might be going to make it home before Mr BC. I put my hand in my pocket and realised that I had my driving license.

“Oh.” I thought. “I didn’t know I had that. Let’s try again and see if anything else is in there.” I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out my passport.

“Great!” I said. “Can you get me on that?” I realised I had two passports, mine and Mr BC’s.

“Yes. It’s Singapore Airlines though, so it’ll cost £4,000.”


“Shit!” I was thinking. “I haven’t £4000 in my account.”

Even so, I began to believe I would get myself home. Before the solution to the £4000 question arrived I was awoken by my own snoring.

The second one was something about buses I think but I’m not sure. Sherwood Forest was involved somewhere, too. Yeh I know (Uh?) was my reaction too.

Why is this unusual? Well because normally in my Things-Go-Wrong dreams things go wrong, period. There’s no Things-Go-Right bit. It would be an intriguing anomaly if I hadn’t been having these barking Thing-Go-Wrong but I sort it out again dreams every bloody night. All this crisis management is wearing me out. These days, I’m pleased to wake up for a rest.



1. kuntrygurl - 31, January 2007

I have really vivid and weird dreams like that when right before I start my period too. Maybe it’s the horomones.? Enjoyed reading your blog today.

2. GeekLady - 31, January 2007

I’ve been having really vivid, lifelike, unrestful dreams ever since I miscarried.

Ever woken yourself up from your own sheer frustration with your dream situation? An ‘Indiana Jones’-esque dream situation? And then there was the incident where I laid myself down in bed at 10pm and woke up at 4am on the couch with no recollection of how I got there, complete with pillow, blanket, and teddy bear.

I’m considering seeing a sleep specialist, mostly out of the fear that I’ll decide to go for a drive one night…

3. babychaos - 31, January 2007

I’m glad I’m not the only vivid dreamer! I reckon the only thing scarier than driving in your sleep, would be watching somebody else do it while you’re awake.



4. GeekLady - 1, February 2007

I’ve always hoped I’d go peacefully, in my sleep, like my grandfather. …Not screaming in terror, like his passengers.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

5. Mrs. Nicklebee - 1, February 2007

LOL GeekLady, that one never gets old!

It has been a long time since I’ve had a string of vivid dreams but I feel for you guys.

6. babychaos - 2, February 2007

An oldie but goldie! Mrs N, you are a lucky lady. GL get The Husband to hide the car keys before bed and not tell you where they are. That should make it easier for you – and your neighbourhood – to rest easy in your beds! 😉



7. Mark Kenny - 3, February 2007

I know why WordPress does that thing with the three dots!

Three dots is called an ellipsis, and computers have a special character for it. This means that instead of the ellipsis taking up three characters on the page, it only takes up one. (If you want proof, go and select the text letter by letter — watch how it selects all three dots in one go.)

WordPress automatically converts any three dots next to each other into an ellipsis (Microsoft Word does the same, you’ve no doubt noticed). The fourth one is left as a full stop!

8. babychaos - 4, February 2007

Well. You learn something every day! Hello there Mark, thanks for solving a mystery which has been bugging me for sometime!



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