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Another mystery solved… 8, February 2007

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I will try to write something interesting on here at some point but at the moment my head is full of financial services and industrial cladding. Writing about things like that for 4 hours each day does tend to make writing things like this more difficult. It’s like it’s kind of aneasthatised the wacky bit of my brain.

Never mind, last night we solved a mystery that’s been bugging me for a couple of weeks.

A while back while I was out at my evening class Mr BC had “the boys” round for a wine tasting. I came home in time for supper, everyone was three sheets to the wind by then, of course and the mess in the kitchen was indescribeable. There had already been the kind of massive wine spillage in the drawing room which required an entire role of kitchen paper to clear up… then again, you couldn’t tell where it had been which, when you think it had been cleared up by six drunk men, was absolutely incredible.

I was amused to see that not only had every single pan and utensil in the house been used but the hob top was under about half an inch of boiled over potato water and there were bits of potato all over the place. As I arrived as Mr BC was enthusiastically mashing the remaining potatoes with a fork, apparently oblivious to the state of the cooker top – this, in itself was funny, as Mr BC is fastidious with a capital F, he would never let a spillage of that magnitude happen while sober, let alone fail to notice.

As I watched a large blob of very thoroughly mashed potato flew out of the pan and landed on the watery hob top creating yet another fluffy island in the murky waters. By the time he had finished the thing looked like Hau Long Bay in minature (think Man With the Golden Gun – still waters with strange limestone outcrops sticking straight up it’s a world heritage site these days so I’ll see if I can find a picture). Mr BC was still too high on wine and atmosphere to notice the carnage.

I left the hob, it was hardly like the potato was going to dry out and stick, after all. Was it?

We ate, I had a prod at the washing up, put the dishwasher on and went to bed.

In the morning, Mr BC did the rest of the clearing up – because he’s good like that – and expressed enormous surprise at the state of the cooker top. To be honest, there was something unaccountably funny about the state it was in, I suppose because it looked so surreal. It wasn’t just weird me though, he thought it was funny too. The fact that he actually hadn’t noticed made it even funnier.

When eventually I came downstairs I found something missing. Quite often after these evenings, something mysteriously disappears or other equally mysterious things – usually socks or notebooks – are found in the unlikiliest of places. We have a spoon stand, one of those things you stick the spoon in while you are not stirring the sauce with it – it’s supposed to save your work tops from getting claggy which, I have to confess, it does even though it makes me look like the kind of woman who cares about having dirty nets and the cleanest front step in the street. It’s a metal frame with two bowls which can be removed and cleaned. Trouble was, this particular morning there was only one bowl.

Where in the name of all that’s holy was the other one? I knew I had washed up two and bunged them cheerfully onto the draining board to dry. We searched high and low but found no trace. Hmm… bizarre.

Over the next two weeks as I sent back the bits of detritus left behind by Mr BC’s friends I sent an enquiry with each thing – yes, the ubiquitous socks, they put the bottles in socks so they can’t the labels of the wines and then they taste them and try to guess which is which. Anyway, with each of the bits of stuff I returned I sent a request to search for the bowl… it had to be somewhere, probably where it had fallen in the bottom of somebody’s bag. No joy, nobody had the bowl so for two weeks or more the spoon stand was only half a spoon stand. I wasn’t bothered that we’d lost the bowl as such, more fascinated as to how it could have disappeared.

Yesterday Mr BC picked up the one remaining bowl and looked at it thoughtfully.

“There are two here.” He said and after a little coercion – they’d stuck together – he pulled them apart. It appeared they’d sealed themselves with a wealth of murky water and a vacuum. I washed them both and put them back. The mystery solved. I still haven’t traced the owner of the one black sock I found on the downstairs lavatory cistern though. Oh well.

Gee life’s exciting! *

* Um… that was irony.

Oh look though, here’s a picture of Hau Long Bay. This is what our cooker hob looked like… sort of…


A lot less pretty, obviously… and um… without the boat. Hmm… and perhaps I should have Photoshopped in the splashback and the pot standy on things to make it look more realistic.

Ok, if you want to stop me writing crap like this on the internet and get me writing funny, interesting things again  here’s how,  sign up for stumbleupon.com, then browse normally to http://www.drawnbyhand.com and click on the thumbs up icon.  Why do this?  To get me hits. 😉


1. GeekLady - 9, February 2007

Okay, I’ve spent 5 minutes reading and rereading this, can you please explain what a cooker hob is? In american? Please? Is it the pan under the burner, or the whole stovetop? Or something else entirely?

2. babychaos - 10, February 2007

Um… it’s the bit where the burners are. The surface the burners stick up from I suppose… technically a “hob” is just the burners – some people have cookers built in up high and the rings elsewhere.

3. Mrs. Nicklebee - 11, February 2007

Oh what fun to clean!!

I did the StumbleUpon thumbs up thing. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of it. Very interesting stuff!

Your hair looks like a darker version of mine! On a good day it looks like that, only lighter and I have bangs. 🙂

4. babychaos - 12, February 2007

Cheers for that you are a star! That was a good day for my hair, too! Normally I am a complete brillo-head!


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