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What SHOULD I be doing right now? 1, March 2007

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This idea officially stolen from Leaalissa

Here is what I should be doing instead of playing with the world wide web:

Hoovering the house
Changing my watch so it’s no longer telling me today is the 29th February
Composing an ad for my drawing services – it cost me an arm and a leg so I’d better make it good
Writing the copy for a leaflet about my home town
Editing a list of local shops – listing by street and within each street types
Editing a map I have drawn for the same leaflet
Writing an enormous website on financial services – 30 pages or so
Writing a similarly huge website about equipment hire
Invoicing my employers for the last huge website I wrote them
Draw the first three illustrations for a music text book
Draw a series of naughty children to submit to a greetings card company – their request so I really need to make sure I do this one!
Setting up a set of MALE flashcards
Setting up a set of flashcards with a mix of Male and Female
Putting a page about said flashcards on my company website
Setting up a Paypal Pay Now thing so people can buy them
Organising a group to stuff leaflets into 600 bags for passengers on an excursion train
Organising delivery of the leaflets in question
Send out the minutes of the local do-gooders group I chair
Ordering 300 biscuits with pictures of eels on them – don’t ask
Arranging for people to serve teas at a local event
Writing to the people I owe letters to, 3 and rising
E-mailing the people I owe e-mails to, 3 and rising
Sending my friend a welcome to your new home card
Posting my latest artwork to its recipient
Some washing
Having lunch
Having a wee

One of the biggest reasons half this stuff is not getting done is because I keep forgetting to do it. I have set myself a target of 3 things a day and written myself a list but even that is no help because it has things missing. I’ve forgotten to write them down. Please can I have my brain back? I promise I’ll be good and stop winging!

Ah well… at least now I’ve written them here. This is the most comprehensive To Do collection so far so if the worst comes to the worst I can print this out, stick it on the wall and tick the items off as I do them.

Right then! Let’s start with the easy one, lunch and a wee, I think. Why! Yes and while I’m on the loo I can change my watch!



1. Dru - 1, March 2007

>Yes and while I’m on the loo I can change my watch!
Ohh, multi-tasking. You go steady there 🙂

Personally I use the to-do list/ calendar software that came with my PC to kep track of everything, and the [10+2]*5 method to stop procastination [That’s where you work for 10 mins, rest of 2, then rinse and repeat 5 times].

Good luck with your to-do list 🙂

2. babychaos - 2, March 2007

You know what the sad thing is, I have personal organiser which beeps when I’m supposed to be somewhere doing something, it beeps to tell me my allotted time on a job is finished and that I must go onto something else… sadly though, I forgot to turn the sound on yesterday!

When I was packing up to quit my office I discovered it, flashing it’s lights impotently with about 50 reminders on screen!

Hey ho!



3. Mark Kenny - 2, March 2007

Add to my list: applying for a new job so I can stop wasting my life/degree being a waiter. I just hate writing my CV, it always looks woefully disappointing so I end up editing it for days on end…

4. babychaos - 2, March 2007

Tell me about it! I loathe and detest writing CVs… it’s one of the reasons I work for myself!



5. iheartblackeyes - 2, March 2007

Please tell me about the biscuits. PLEASE!!!

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