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Strange goings on… Eternal questions of existence… 2, March 2007

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Today I am going to answer another eternal question of existence…

How does one cure eyebrow dandruff?

Last night I had one of those how do you get from that to this moments although I found the perfect cure for eyebrow dandruff along the way. Now, I think I may have mentioned, a while back, that the little critters that live in my eyebrows are either dead or size zero supermodels. Why? Well, the one part of my face which gets dry and flaky in the winter is the skin my eyebrows grow out of and the bit just below and we all know that if the eyebrow bugs were doing their job properly there’d be no dry skin there because they’d be eating it.

Oh you so wanted to know that didn’t you people?

It isn’t a perennial problem, for the most part my eyebrows are fine but every now and again, twice a month maybe? Probably less, THINGS happen, I will look at them before going to bed and discover they contain more flakes than the average Kellogs factory.

Last night was one of those nights and without really thinking what I was doing I dug out my old toothbrush head, the one I’d kept because I thought it might be useful for cleaning off the scale from round the taps but never remembered to use at tap-scale cleaning time, stuck it on my toothbrush and gave my eyebrows a good dry scrub. Not only is the sensation very pleasant but all the eyebrow dandruff disappeared.

Halfway through, though, I had one of those, “how did I get from that to this?” Moments and I suddenly saw what I was doing through the eyes of a normal person. There I was, watching myself standing in front of the bathroom mirror brushing my eyebrows with my electric toothbrush. I began to get the giggles. I ended up laughing so much Mr BC came in to see what was going on and I had to explain that I was cleaning my eyebrows with an electric toothbrush and had just realised the surreal lunacy of my actions. Mr BC, also giggling, asked why I could see the lunacy of this but not the other 101 barking mad things I do each day.

I wasn’t able to tell him…

I can tell him how to get rid of eyebrow dandruff though.


1. GeekLady - 2, March 2007

I get eyebrow ‘dandruff’ all the time, but a good exfoliating scrub once a day generally takes care of it. Usually in the morning, to lessen the chance of embarrassing developments during the day…

2. Kat - 3, March 2007

This post made me laugh! The weird things I do in private are the reason why I always lock the bathroom door…

3. babychaos - 8, March 2007

I’m glad I’m not the only one who is weird or suffers from the occasional bout of eyebrow dandruff… You wouldn’t believe how many other people have put “cure eyebrow dandruff” into their search engines and found my blog! Bizarre!



4. deadbeat007 - 18, May 2007

Great post. I’m not sure if this is what I have or not, though. I used to try to scrape it away, but I lost quite a lot of hair, and it’s taking forever to grow back. For you guys, does it usually start at the roots, and do the hairs ever fall out more frequently because of it? Annoying as hell. 😛

I don’t think I can list all the weird habits I have. Haha!

5. babychaos - 23, May 2007

Hey deadbeat.

Mine does start at the roots but it doesn’t make extra hair fall out. That said, if there are any loose hairs it does bring on the falling out the same way combing your hair does. By scraping it a bit hard you may even have made it raw which would make it even flakier! So…

For flake removal I’d recommend an old toothbrush and remember, be gentle….

If you have naturally dry skin, or an allergy – it may be a reaction to your soap or the like – I’d recommend some of that E45 stuff or washing your eyebrows with Acqueous cream (ask at the pharmacy counter at Boots) as that can help to restore moisture and er… ease the flaking!

I hope that helps.



6. joey - 31, May 2007

i use head and shoulders for my eyebrow dandruff. The classic clean works pretty well, maybe you can try it.

7. babychaos - 1, June 2007

Joey, you’re right, Head and Shoulders is good stuff although I’m allergic to it these days, would definitely recommend it for others with less temperamental skin though!



8. deadbeat007 - 25, July 2007

Lol, sorry, I never saw your reply to my post. I found out that I was losing extra hair because I used to pluck in those areas a few years ago, and the hairs just don’t stay put now. After I shaped my eyebrows back to how they used to be (that big model eyebrow just doesn’t work for everyone, haha), I found that they are a lot less temperamental. The flaking isn’t incredibly bad, but I’ve found that moisturizer only makes the skin softer and flake off more, except the flakes aren’t as dry. I’ll look into some of the products you mentioned, but it seems to be slowly getting better, anyway.

Your posts are so funny, thank you!
– Lauren

9. babychaos - 26, July 2007

Hey Lauren,

Glad the eyebrow dandruff is clearing up and I’m glad you enjoyed reading! Feel free to drop in any time!



10. cassie - 11, September 2007

Just found this after googling…er, eyebrow dandruff. It used to be an ocassional problem for me…in the winter only…but lately has become year round! I tried something new this morning, rubbing a bit of baby oil in the brows and combing them, then rinsing with plain water. So far so good, but it’s only been a few hours. (This is how I got rid of my daughter’s cradle cap as a baby!)

Anyway, glad to know I’m not the only one affected by the dreaded ‘brow ‘druff.

Your post made me laugh too! 🙂

11. babychaos - 11, September 2007

I’m glad to have made you laugh and glad the baby oil is working, too!



12. Dnadroofed - 31, October 2007

We’re dandruff doomed. No scraping, no cure, no hope.

13. teknocal - 20, November 2008

I have tried EVERYTHING, oils, moisturizers, brushing… Still no luck =( Just would like to add though that there are no critters living in your eyebrows, they live in your eyelashes 😉

14. ronnie - 3, December 2008

hi people, plz help me , i m having a swear problem of ‘eyebrow loss’ ,eyelashes loss its seasonal .In winters only i.e {nov-april} n after that in summers … full growth of eyebrows is their i.e (may-oct) . i consult many skin specialists, dermatalogists… they given me their best treatment , but no postive results r there .
its like .. when ever winter starts .. my eyebrows ,eyelashes starts decreasing .. n steadily by the moth of jan n feb not even sing hair is there.. n when summer starts .. my eyebrows n eyelashes .. comes steadily automatically , n by the month jul n aug … full growth is there … even in between the eyebrows …
so please people help me , if u have any idea that whats the reason behind this ??? …

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