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More love… 5, March 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Miscarriage.
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A month or two back, Mr BC and I went to a wine tasting. I went to queue for cheese and bread at the end while Mr BC being a bit less of a gannet, or possibly a bit smarter than I am, decided to wait. When I returned with cheese for two he told me he’d been watching the queue and noticed one woman immediately. “Coo” He thought. “She looks nice, I hope she turns round so I can get a look at her face.” When she did, he discovered that the tasty looking lady was none other than his wife. Although he described this as a disappointment he was clearly quite chuffed or he wouldn’t have gone to the effort of telling me.

I was feeling very low today.  But going into my feed, I found that one of the bloggers I like to read regularly had posted a clip of Pink Floyd performing “Comfortably Numb”.

Pink Floyd are one of my three favourite groups of all time.  Alternating with the Beatles and bits of Mr Spangly (12 Songs and anything up to about 1970).

Comfortably Numb is one of my favourite songs a desert island disk.  Comfortably Numb got me through being bullied at school, the words describe dislocation from reality and they take you with them, for a little 3 minute break from REAL LIFE – the melody is uplifting and makes me think of looking forward and of hope.  So this morning, when I am supremely hormonally challenged and need somebody to say, “It’ll be ok” up pops the perfect song.  I listen to it and before I know it I am flying… I’m a bit sad still but it’s only hormones and although, before I told myself it would pass, now I know!  The sensible part of my brain has regained control and I feel calm.  Mmm… might have to go listen again.

Here’s the link.  Enjoy

Click me 


1. Mark Kenny - 5, March 2007

Is it a terribly disgusting offence to say that I only know that song as a Scissor Sisters cover?

There’s a Björk lyric that does the same for me, which is “You can’t so no to hope, can’t say no to happiness” — perfect genius!

2. Mark Kenny - 5, March 2007

Rats, I knew I’d made a typo there, it should be “can’t say no to hope”. Rats.

3. babychaos - 5, March 2007

It’s ok, I know what you mean! I’m afraid it is an offence not to know the original but mainly on the grounds that if you don’t it must mean you are incredibly young and I am therefore seething with jealousy. 😉 “Seethe, seethe, seethe,” I’m going… can you hear me from over there on Google?



4. chrisfiore5 - 5, March 2007

yo BC, hey cool link! Glad to have helped making your day a little bit “numb”. peace.

5. mrsmetaphor - 6, March 2007

I love that song….

but being the sort who looks for the obscure, my band covered, “Bike” when I was in college, so it’s kind of my Pink Floyd fave of all time….

i’ve got a mouse and he hasn’t got a house
i don’t know why i call him gerald
he’s getting very old but he’s a good mouse

6. Beth - 6, March 2007

It’s one of my top ten, too. Figures we would have that in common too… I used to see myself flying with that song and “Learning to Fly” as well…

Talk about taking a break from reality.

7. Kat - 6, March 2007

After years of marriage, I do get surprised when my husband reminds me that I’m actually lust-worthy (outside bedroom hours). It probably surprises him, too! *lol* But it’s good to know we still have our mojo. 😉

I have to admit to never having listened to Pink Floyd. This makes me a philistine, I know.

8. babychaos - 8, March 2007

I love Bike and Beth, I also love learning to fly and Kat, you really should listen to some Floyd, try Dark Side of the Moon or Wish You Were Here… or possibly the Wall but it’s a bit of an epic so it’s not such a good place to start. Chris thanks, once again for posting the original PF snippet.



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