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Something to do if you’re bored… 8, March 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Humour, Life and living, Light Fluff, Play, whinging.
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Today Mr BC and I decided the alphbet was boringly symmetrical and that we should introduce another letter.

After about 20 minutes saying things like “Gnarsh” or “Huueaarh” and giggling we gave up, the alphabet continues to be 26 unmolested letters. Damn.

Maybe we should try introducing a new month. Hmm… Chaos would be a good name but I’d prefer something like Clamaaaaarhd.

I went to buy some more cat food, Mr BC had too, now we have a cat food mountain. I also bought some dishwasher salt. Do you know what the main ingredient of dishwasher salt is? Well, after carrying a bag of it home I can tell you. It’s lead.

Bloody hell it was heavy. It weighed a ton!



1. Geldoff - 9, March 2007

How about a ‘free-form’ letter of your own choice that could be called … erm … “squiggle”? As in: … u,v,w,x,y,z,squiggle.

It would revolutionise handwriting identification and analysis and all computer keyboards would need to be customised, which would immediately reduce laptop thefts.

Yep, cracked it. I shall now retire to a hot bath and bask in the glory of my creation. Aah-aaaahhh. Bliss.

Hmm … 1st of April isn’t so far away is it? 😉

2. Emily - 24, June 2007

Go to Google.com, and type in “Things to do when you’re bored.” There are REALLY interesting results….besides…..that’s how i got here in the first place. 🙂

3. Emily - 24, June 2007

Wow, I was only the second person to respond. WHAT THE HELL? This site is sooooo unpopular, that I, The Great Emily, was the SECOND person to respond…….. W0W…..Maybe, one day, this site will become really popular, and I will become popular because I was the 2nd person to respond……and WOW, I’m entertaining myself be messaging this website that I don’t even know what’s for. Well, atleast I’m not bored anymore…..hehe….. 🙂

4. babychaos - 25, June 2007

Hello Emily

Er… thank you, I think. I am glad you’re not bored any more.



5. Travis - 14, July 2007

I like Pudding.


>>Still Bored<<

Hmm , nothing to do … lets all sing … everyone gets to say one word of the song . You might be wondering what were going to sing … well I don’t know… let’s just make it up as we go along. I’ll start it I guess …

How …

6. babychaos - 15, July 2007


Your go…

7. jkj - 23, July 2007


8. babychaos - 23, July 2007

In a..

9. mrslovecarrot - 23, July 2007


10. Holly Marie Combs's Number One Fan - 29, September 2007

can dance…

11. babychaos - 30, September 2007

in a line

12. corry - 30, April 2008

goshh tamd there i thought i was bored outa my head

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