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Nothing in Plumbing is forced… 12, March 2007

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Yep that’s right, you heard it here first. Actually you didn’t. I got it off a writers’ TV programme about 10 years ago. It’s true though, Nothing in plumbing is forced and nothing in writing can be either. Not original writing, anyway. You can’t write a story if you don’t know where it’s going to go – knowing where it ends up is not the same, I mean the up close detail.

That’s why I haven’t written anything on my Novel for two years… I’ve just dabbled and tinkered… until today. All of a sudden I’ve worked out the next step. Needless to say, I’m delighted and also a bit hooked. Like a good book, I can’t put it down, I want to know what happens to the characters and where they end up.

Sadly – or is that happily – I can’t just read it in an afternoon like a good book though, it takes me months to write a novel, well, years often. I suppose that’s why I sometimes lose the thread and have to stop for a couple of aeons and then, to keep in practise or even when I am in full flow, to keep it fresh, because I can’t do too much per day – I have to give the well of ideas time to fill up – I write something like this, too.

I like the way a lot of the characters just arrive, fully formed, in my head. All I have to do is keep a weather eye on the general framework and let them develop amongst themselves. I know this happens to most writers but it’s still really cool when people like J K Rowling admit their characters turn up like that too – apparently Harry Potter strolled into her head, fully formed, during a train journey.

Here’s a great quote this is about music but it’s a similar sentiment.

“You like to think that it’s something you created, but secretly you know that you had some kind of help, or somebody gave this to you.”

I’m not sure that’s quite how it is for me but it’s quite close in that I don’t really know where all this stuff comes from…

Writing costs, it really costs but when I get it right it just feels so good, like I’m doing what I should be doing, like I’m clawing my way to the light.

The art is there too, the art is my foil because it uses a different kind of energy, I can’t do one well without the other so it’s great to have them both switched to on at the same time. Actually… it’s fantastic.

That’s another great thing about having a blog, you can be as pretentious as you like! 😉



1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 13, March 2007

So you’re an author, too?? What’s this novel about?

2. mrsmetaphor - 13, March 2007

Are you certain that we are not related? Separated at birth?

my doppelganger, maybe?

3. babychaos - 13, March 2007

Mrs N, I am an author, I write corporate puff for a living as well as being an artist although, being an artist is much more fun and writing corporate puff, though lucrative, tends to sap my creative juices on the writing front. What the book is about is complicated, a guy – sort of Luke Skywalker aged – in parallel, slightly different version of the universe falls in love with a girl in this one.

There’s a background of intrigue over who is going to rule the place he lives in, it’s currently occupied by a foreign power but the belief is that if a new ruler can be found (they have a deal like the Dalai-Lama going on with their rulers) everything will be ok. All they have to do is find the guy, or girl, and convince them to take power. But our man is painfully aware that the occupying power might not WANT the new leader to er… lead… after all, they beheaded the old one.

Mrs M… could be? Are you a writer then? What are you writing…? Tell me more…! Obviously the quote is the Spangly one again. He really talks a lot of sense about the creative process.



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