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Eternal Questions of Existence Number 64 – Ooooh BC! Where did you get your enormous eggs? 14, March 2007

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Out of a Goose.

For two weeks of the year geese lay eggs… and you know what? You can eat them. I get the impression that if you know farmers in the right places you can can sometimes extend it a bit if you are able to source them from different parts of the UK, south first, middle then north.

At the Farmer’s Market on Saturday there they were, goose eggs so we bought one each for our breakfast. A friend of a friend won’t eat eggs, she says she’s that if they’re fertilised she feels bad for killing the little one and if they’re not… well that’s just like putting a chicken’s period in her mouth and she’s not going to do that. Lucky goose only having one “period” a year… then again if I had to get something of the same relative size out of my bottom every time I had a period two weeks a year would probably be quite enough!

Sorry, gone off on one.a tangent there… and broke the last taboo… Let’s start a new paragraph.

There we are! That’s better. Right, the pictures… the first shows the goose egg next to a chicken’s egg. The second picture shows the egg in the pan. So you get the idea I put my cup of coffee next to it. That’s a standard coffee cup, in fact, that’s a 12″ pan.

Hmmm… So I’m not sure what’s worse, the size or the fact I ate it all! The bits are salt and pepper by the way and no, I didn’t have it sunny side up! Ack! No way! I like my bird periods better cooked. I turned it! Here it is folks… er… enjoy, if that’s the right word…





1. Dru - 14, March 2007

Yay, someone else who knows the delight of goose eggs 🙂 When I was little my parents use to take me to this farm shop out in the back o’beyond and we’d get goose eggs there, then cook them when we got home. I use to have this thing where I’d eat the whole yolk on one go… ten yr old mouth vs goose egg yolk. I expect you can imagen how that turned out 😀

2. babychaos - 14, March 2007

Absolutely, yellow face! It’s a great, rich flavour. I also love the incongruity of the size too!



3. Kat - 15, March 2007

I’ve never thought of an egg as a “bird period”. That’s just so wrong!

On the other hand, there’s a Filipino delicacy called “balut”. It’s a fertilized duck egg (boiled and salted) – you can’t look at it too closely when eating or you’ll see bits of beak, feather and maybe an eye or two. So a bird period? Sounding much tastier now… 😉

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