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Toptastic Days… 20, March 2007

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Yep, yesterday was one. I got up, had a fine breakfast and did my 3 hours copywriting in the morning. I had lunch, took the mickey out of my husband and finished an art submission – deadline end of the day – in the afternoon. I took the finished stuff back to the house scanned it, sent it and then wrote this post.  All done and dusted before dinner (wahoo!).

I even managed to spend two hours writing about Isaac Newton’s lesser known laws… Ah if only I was that self disciplined and productive every day.

Sneak preview of the cards appears below… they asked me to draw some pictures of a naughty child.  I’m worried these may not be naughty enough. That said, I thought I’d better play safe with the nanny parents out there.  I like to think they look like they can get up to some real mischief… after all, that’s what being a kid is about.

Mad Mr BC called me on the phone from the house.

“Quick there’s a wolf in the garden.” I know there can’t be a wolf but wonder what he wants me to see. I tell him I know it’s a wind up as I go to the window and look out. He is watching from the house and starts laughing at me. I can see him in the window waving and sticking his tongue out! I am giggling and give him the bird.

“Ha! I still got your attention anyway!” He says “Would you like a cup of tea?”

We are happy in our little pod!

Artworks below…

These are the Earbusters. They are a band I fantasised being in when I was about 10, that’s why they are about ten, too! Normally part of the joke with my kids is that they all look the same but I wanted to introduce some cultural diversity to make them look a bit more normal so I’ve invented this wee coloured lad. He seems to have taken on a bit of a life of his own.


I sang in the church choir when I was a kid. If you look a choirs on TV et al.. or if you go to church and see one, in Britain at any rate, there is always one huge guy at the back with a very short surplace which only goes just below his knees…


I quote my mum.  “On the whole, girls like boys or horses.”  I was quite partial to both….


Ok so I thought roller skating/blading was cool when I was a kid but skateboards are cooler… and more trend proof.


And um… finally… the wee footballer guy. They all wear what I used to wear as a nipper, a blue and white striped rugby top or a Brighton and Hove Albion football top (which is what all these are wearing), jeans and white trainers with two blue stripes down them.  Having drawn them like that, I thought it was only fair to have a guy in the full-on pukka team kit. Pity the football looks like it’s from about 1903 but I can’t draw the modern ones made from hexagonal bits properly…


I will let you know if anything happens…

Today has not been very productive, I have managed 20 minutes on an article about search engine optimisation and 45 minutes on a site about financial services. Never mind, I have sold some flash cards… thank you lovely buyer!



1. moonjunkie - 20, March 2007

woha. reminding me to make more of those 8minute clip breakcollage. nice entry.

2. Mrs. Nicklebee - 27, March 2007

Very cute, BC! I always enjoy looking at your work. 🙂 I love the personal touches you added, like the band, the choir and the rugby shirts.

I think any one of those would qualify as having a potentially naughty child. If your idea well ever runs dry, you might consider incorporating a cookie jar or warning signs (“keep off the grass” or “do not feed the animals”) which are naughty child (and adult!) magnets. Or maybe even a very high and very dangerous staircase. 😉

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