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Mwaaaaargh! 27, March 2007

Posted by babychaos in Life and living, Play.
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Runs frantically in small circles pulling out tufts of hair and gurning manically.

All is loopy this week, my mother is having a cataract lasered off her eye and she’s not allowed to do owt. That means I have to nip down there and do all the owting required for a day or two, just until dad’s got the hang of looking after her. Then I have to turn tail and hair up to Newcastle (the diametrically opposite end of the country, my parents live on the south coast) to a friend’s 40th birthday party.

Oh dear, why did I say I’d go? Answer, because I didn’t realise it would take me five hours to get there… from here… and I live half way between the two and I drive a fricking Lotus (ie quite quickly) for heaven’s sake! Curses!

Never mind, on the up side, we are off to Bali on 11th and have just had my hepaetitis (I don’t know how to spell that and neither does spell checker, sorry) booster. We are going at exactly the right time to make babies and since we’ll be on holidays a shag every other day for a week is a bit more realistic when he’s not stressed or knackered by his work.

In fact, Mr BC is very busy at the moment, precisely because he’s announced that he will NOT be taking his lap top! Excellent! I do so love that man!

Not that I’m quite so wired this month, the regular doses of evening primrose are kicking in and I’m taking enough vitamin B complex to dose up a horse, too which tends to make me chirpier. Also have read and understand that making a baby can take up to a year once you are over 38 (which I am). You are also only 25% as likely to conceive as somebody who is 25. None of that matters, I wasn’t ready for it until now but well… I’m sure being in Bali will aid our efforts in that direction. Also nice to know I will NOT be having a period while I’m away! Wahoo! That’ll be about the first holiday in ages then! We’re not very good at timing these things.

I hope we’ve got the right side of the island… ie the one with the snorkelling as opposed to the breakers. Breakers are fun but weird fish are much more interesting. Whatever, though, it will be good.

Mmm Mmm! Can’t wait!

Now… where did I put those flippers…?



1. Kat - 27, March 2007

If it’s any consolation, it took us almost a year to get pregnant both times and I was in my late 20s at the time. I’m of the firm opinion that stress-fee shagging was the key. So I hope you have a fab time at Bali! 🙂

2. babychaos - 27, March 2007

I’m with you on the stress free shagging, like I said before, it’s the whole Douglass Adams flying thing…



3. Mrs. Nicklebee - 27, March 2007

Well, Mrs. Jetsetter, I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable time! 🙂

4. Geldoff - 27, March 2007

Bali? I’m green with envy, BC! Hope you have a fab time! Thumbnail tour guide: Denpassar-v.busy; Kuta-full of raucous holidaying Ossies; Ubud-cultural cantre and well worth a stay; Candi dasa-the best bit with lots of snorkling. People very friendly.

Please bring us all back some stories of the stray dogs of Bali! 🙂


5. lea alissa - 28, March 2007

oh wow! i hope you have a nice time with mr.BC! 🙂 and no work calls for him i hope………:)
Best of luck!

PS. I’m off to Palau this weekend for some diving..so I can imagine how excited you are..I will say hi to the fish for you.

6. mrsmetaphor - 28, March 2007

My DH and I did a lot of travelling while trying to concieve #2 baby and always joked about what we’d have to name the baby if it worked out on that trip….possibilities were Rome, Venice, Paris (eek) and then the more obscure and scary possibility during that season…. Livingroom Couch.

7. Anne - 28, March 2007

Awe, may you have a wonderful time on your vacation…and in the meantime, just remember to take deep breaths and visualize the ocean when you can…it’ll be here before you know it! You’re a good friend to go out of your way for a b-day party, AND a good daughter to be there for your mom, it just so happens that you’re a very thinly streched friend and daughter this particular week… 😉 Best of luck with everything that’s going on!

8. MOONJUNKIE - 29, March 2007

wew… i’m trying to kill myself with envy. but then again. i could drop on my knees and beg u to bring me with u…wink

9. chrisfiore5 - 29, March 2007

hello BC,

I’m not sure what lies in Bali… perhaps the fulfilling of your desires, which is my sincere wish. Maybe just the time spent with a loved one and memories to splash against the shores of your mind in some future that we can but dream of…

Either way… travel well, my friend…


10. babychaos - 30, March 2007

Not too sure about the stray dogs! Eeek! Never mind, sun, sea, sand and um… yes well. I can’t wait. Thanks everyone!



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