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The toaster is unhappy but the cat is not. 30, March 2007

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Well, I have returned from the South Coast – cataract sorted, Mum and Dad BC were on excellent form, very chirpy now. I dunno how she copes though, I’m completely knackered. They eat breakfast, lunch, tea and supper every day and each meal is sit down with pudding… well except for tea but that includes two or three varieties of home made biscuit.

Mr BC and I eat breakfast, taken pretty much on the hoof, not sitting down a sandwich or a salad for lunch (if anything) which we prepare when we have our breakfast to save time and a big supper at 8.00pm, usually eaten while slobbing in front of the telly.

I found preparing all those meals completely knackering and more to the point I wonder how in the name of heaven my mother gets anything done… other than cooking the next meal, I mean. Then again, I’ve noticed my friends getting a lot more like that as they have children so I guess it’s part of the routine of having kids. I would certainly want to do the family meals thing if I had any and I guess having kids is so knackering you don’t notice and by the time you get to the point where you would, you’re used to it.

Still glad they’re ok and got Mum through the day when she’s not supposed to do anything… sort of. Although it’s like trying to keep a weeble down. She’s completely hyper so she’s not very good at taking it easy.

Anyway talking about all those meals, we had a bit of a conflagration today. Ooops. The toast curled and wedged in the opening of the toaster so the automatic pushy upy bready feature failed spectacularly to push up the bread, or turn off the heat, so the toast went on cooking. Black smoke billowed forth, the kitchen became… er… foggy and now my newly washed hair smells like I’ve been living in a chimney for the past week while my clothes, not to mention our whole house, smell of eau de charred toast!


Then again, I have just bought a laser pointer for our cat. Anyone who has played chase the dot from your watch glass with a pet on sunny days will understand why this might be a good gift for a cat.

He’s not going to be giving any presentations, then again, neither am I. However, that doesn’t stop him from going completely mad over the little red dot. Chasing it has become a major past time and it is highly amusing to watch him careening down the hall after it. Even more amusing if I stop it suddenly. He tries to stop too but he skids on the lino and goes sailing past it, legs flailing Hannah Barbara style, turning himself as he goes so he can get straight back after it the moment his feet get a purchase.

He especially likes it if I run it along the wall at head height, he runs after it, scrabbling at it as he goes… up and down the hall, up and down the stairs and even up and down Mr BC’s leg… although Mr BC didn’t like that and I have been warned that he will be finding cold things to place against my back in bed tonight as reparation. Oops.

It’s a key ring and in two days he has learned the sound of it jingling as I remove it from my pocket and arrives within seconds, making this chirruping, yipping noise and bouncing along on tiptoes. Hours of fun. If you want to ease stress get your cat a laser pointer.*

*It does help if your cat is a bit of a gumbee.

Here are a couple more pictures of my totally barking cat he is particularly fascinated by shoes… I reckon he must be some kind of a perv.


This was taken during a game of hunt the food – yep, he likes to play with it so we throw treats at him and he bats them to the ground and eats them. I did say he was a bit of a gumbee.


Then again, it makes his feet look normal sized, they are actually borrowed from a cat at least three orders of magnitude larger than he is, possibly a jaguar.



1. claire the cat - 1, April 2007

i so loooooooooooooove your cat!!! used to have two cats in my former house. now they’re gone since i’m seriously allergic to them. huhuhu. but your cat is lovable in the picture. i love how cats know how to pose for a shot. adorable. 🙂

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