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The Embarrassment Gnomes Strike AGAIN. 2, April 2007

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I managed to embarrass myself impressively this weekend, if not at the party then the next morning! I lit a candle in the town church on the Saturday afternoon before the party and wrote all sorts of prayers for my various family members by name which I do, if I think nobody who knows any of us will hear because… Oh I don’t know, because it kind of affirms it some how, it’s like giving god a big pointy arrow saying “this one here mate”.

Anyway there I was, big, “Yoohoo! God! Over here!” Installed, confident that the prayers would be extra potent but that nobody who knew me would ever hear them… and then discovered a friend who’d been at the party was preaching the sermon.


I didn’t connect the this-one-is-ill/psycho/sad-in-x-way-and-called-…-pointy-
out-to-god-in-big-letters-prayer and the somebody-you-KNOW-is-going-to-be-there factor until it was too late to go and remove the card…


I never know if they do those things out loud or not but I’m hoping not or a lot of people I know will discover everything they ever wanted to know about my family but were afraid to ask… and then some.

Worse, if it gets back to any of the er… subjects – or should they be “victims” in this particular instance – I will be strung up because I mentioned a lot of things to God which nobody else is supposed to know.


I was horribly hung over after the party, too… Not really ill – I ate an enormous breakfast – just very jaded! The journey home took some stamina, too, when a bloke got on eating a cheese and onion, hot-out-of-a-vending-machine Ginsters pie and sat next to me to with it on the first train of the three (we used to have them at work – they smell of sweaty jocks at the best of times and this wasn’t… etc.). Then a group of lads going to the races sat in my carriage and were very noisy and very pissed and smelled very strongly of alcohol all the way to the second big stop… Lucky it wasn’t the second to last stop though, where there’s another race course. I was VERY glad when they left the train.

It’s the second surprise hangover I’ve had in three months. I guess it was all that free wine combined with dancing and getting thirsty… I didn’t feel remotely merry – but I did suddenly realise at the end that the blood in my veins was probably a) almost solid and b) mostly alcohol. It was too late by then of course and what with the hormones (girlie time) and the travelling I was glad to get into bed last night for a nice long sleep. In fact, I still feel a bit dizzy today.

Hey ho…

I also managed to make this post “private” without even realising.  I wondered why nobody had read it.  Doh!  Channelling Homer S again.



1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 5, April 2007

Oh, gosh! I sure hope the preacher person had enough tact, discernment, and discretion to keep private things private. Eek! Church isn’t supposed to double as a gossip column but where ever people gather, gossip happens. Praying all goes well in that respect!

2. babychaos - 5, April 2007

Ah I know. What a numb nuts eh? I’m hoping they just say a few prayers for you quietly somewhere!



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