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Ooo! 3, April 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Grumpy Old Bag, Life and living.
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I spoke to my pregnant friend on Sunday evening about giving birth… it was due soon… lo and behold I find that an hour or two after my call she went into labour. After being in labour well… until this morning at 2.00 am they finally gave her a caesarian. Mr BC just rang to tell me. I have literally, just put the phone down now.

Mum and baby are doing well. They have called her Darcy… so I reckon that’s D is for Dragon, A is for Angler Fish, R is for Robin, C is for… hmm tricky one… clouds I think and Y can be for… well… I’ll have to find a South African animal which begins with Y as that’s where Mum is from… nope, thinking about it, Y can be for Yeti and I’ll do C for Cape Town or I’ll do clouds but streaming across the top of Table Mountain the way they do.

Examining how I feel… rather carefully… I’m very happy for her, genuinely happy… there are no tears and no obvious pain – god bless the Evening Primrose oil. I won’t think about it too hard though, I don’t want to blow the lid of anything. I bet she’s chuffed, anyway. I know she was fed up with lugging it about! I think it was quite big. Did I say it’s a little girl.

Oh toss, now I’ve done it… I’ve started crying! No! Where did that come from? It’s not like I even feel like crying I’m just leaking involuntarily. For heaven’s sake! Pants! Pants! Pants!

Never mind, if I go back to doing my work, writing corporate puff about waste disposal RIGHT NOW I will cut the tears off at the pass. I can leak later when I have more time.

Damn… I really thought I might be over it, too.

Oh bloody, bloody toss.

Oh well… maybe one day eh?



1. Anne - 3, April 2007

Oh dear, Good strategy, try not to think about it too much, and if after not thinking about it for a while, then go ahead and cry if you need…no shame in it! Just get it all out, and then concentrate on being happy for your friend and what has happened in her life, without comparing it to your own..you and she are on 2 totally different journeys. Don’t feel bad for your thoughts, it’s totally natural – You are a wonderfully strong person, and things will happen if they are meant to…and I’m sure it will. 🙂 In the meantime, there’s nothing to do but relax, have as much fun in your life as possible, and enjoy each day as it comes. All the best to you, and may those troublesome leaks dry up quickly! 😉

2. Geldoff - 3, April 2007

What works for me when I’m feeling that way is to think of those people who have much more right than me to feel sorry for themselves, but don’t, and just get on with life: starving Ethiopian chidren, Iraqis who’ve lost family, friends and home, Iranian hostages. (Sorry if this sounds a bit rough, BC, and I empathise with your pain but it works for me.) Huge hugs. G.

3. mrsmetaphor - 3, April 2007

What a dear and tender heart you have BC. I wish I had words of comfort and certainty but I haven’t any…only hope and fervent prayer on your behalf…I could send brownies across the pond if need be…

4. babychaos - 4, April 2007

Anne, thanks, I have always found that the best solution to things like this is often to ignore them and hope they go away.

Geldoff, spot on, one of the reasons I have this blog is so that I can winge about stuff here so I don’t go banging on about it in the real world, boring everyone’s tits off.

Mrs M. Many thanks! The brownies sound very tempting but I suppose they might get squished in the post!

Cheers y’all


5. BL - 5, April 2007

OK. I always try to find the negative in it to cope in the moment and any thought of baby or loss of baby within me is not allowed!
So here goes:

1. cesarean stitches and painful healing
2. baby weight… gotta lose it
3. no running to the local bar on a whim for a stiff drink!
4. um…. who am I kidding?

Hope I made you smile for a moment at least.

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