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Hoorah! And some more crap marketing… 4, April 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Humour, Play.
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Thanks for the kind comments yesterday everyone.  I’m delighted to report there was no further leaking and no further sadness.  Top notch!  That means I AM getting over this.

So to celebrate, here is some more crap marketing.  Pictured below is a clothes shop in Cambridge. Mmm Mmm!

The word “stains” springs to mind. Seriously, though, would you buy your clothes from Sweaty Betty?


Hmm…. me neither.



1. Anne - 4, April 2007

…eewww… Hard to imagine that someone in a board room actually thought, “Hm,…Sweaty Betty….yes, yes that sounds like an excellent name for a clothing store…let’s go ahead with that.”

2. Chris Hoskin - 4, April 2007

I like it.

But then again I don’t buy women’s gym gear.

3. Geldoff - 4, April 2007

I suspect that this stems from an 80’s(?) satyrical characterisation of Her Madge and the Duke of Ed as “sweaty Betty and filthy Phil”. Perhaps the clothing stores overpaid marketeers presumed that there would be a subliminal link with the Royal Family, their prestige and their values.

Ooookay, I’ll start taking the pills again.

4. Geldoff - 4, April 2007

See? That’s what it means to be old. You remember useless cr@p like this! 🙂

5. BL - 5, April 2007

It reminds me of a chain here in the states, “Bone Fish Grill” and the symbol is a picture of fish bones.

Who would go to a restaurant where they advertise fish bones?

You have me laughing !!

6. babychaos - 5, April 2007

Geldoff you are a mine of useless information as a similar mine of different but equally useless facts I salute you, BL that does sound a bit grim.

Chris H, um… if only it was just women’s gym wear, it seemed to be more an outdoors-y shop although I didn’t bother going in to check because the stuff in the window was surf/grunge – lots of bright colours, great fun to wear but the definition of a “large” is normally a 12 at the outside.

Anne, that’s what made me chuckle too!



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