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Feeling skint? Sell your blog! 27, April 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Life and living, Light Fluff, Play.

Go to here to find out how much your blog is worth.

This unfocussed, rambling madness is now worth the princely sum of $7, 903.56 – where did they get the 56 cents from? This exchanges for the massive total of £3,943.08608… ok then, £3,943.09 if we round it up and do it properly.

Hmm… it seems my blog is my biggest asset.

Oh dear. Not good.



1. Brian - 27, April 2007

Wow, that’s $15,777.35 USD! (How much the US Dollar suck right now?) Mine (http://brianhewitt.wordpress.com) is worth £565.629… well, when I sell mine off, a round of Caffrey’s on me! I should have enough for that…

P.S. I love the word “skint.” We need to acquire it on this side of the pond.

2. BL - 28, April 2007

Skint is a cool word! Sounds like Skink which my husband says is a little lizard… ha ha:)

Going to go see how little my blog is worth.

I’m guessing it’s in the negative !

3. Moe - 28, April 2007

My blog is worth $12,419.88. I think I should sell it and buy a car! 😉


4. babychaos - 30, April 2007

Doh! I got that wrong, it’s $7,000 ish and I see I’ve put £ twice… oh dear, figures never were my strong point!



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[…] Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog that lets you calculate the worth of your blog (via BabyChaos) by submitting it’s URL. Of course, there’s no way to resist the attraction of knowing, […]

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