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Still Painting… 30, April 2007

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There is very little to say, today. I am devoid of inspiration. I suppose there are two reasons, the first is because I’m still painting the fricking hall. It seems as if each brush stroke of oil based eggshell I apply to the banisters carries away a little bit of imagination with it although don’t get me wrong, it’s a creative process and I do quite like painting – apart from the smell, of course. For a start you can paint with the radio on, which I enjoy.  I just wish it wasn’t taking quite so long…!  I suppose I will actually finish the job before I turn 70 but I’m beginning to wonder.  I have spent nearly seven days on it so far and there is still a good two day’s worth of work left to do. Hey ho…

The second reason is the amount of copywriting work I have on. Far too much, frankly. I enjoy it immensely but writing is very cerebral in a way that most of the other things I do are not! I try to avoid being cerebral at every opportunity. I’m quite knackered as a result! It seems to be sucking my brain out through my fingers.

The third reason… no one expects… is hayfever. About 15 years ago they started to grow oilseed rape. At about that time, I started to get runny eyes. Each year they grow more oilseed rape and each year my hayfever gets worse. Each year it comes earlier because each year the plant the bastard stuff earlier to get more crops in.

We live in a town near a river with water meadows either side of it so it could be a lot worse. In most parts of the countryside they grow it up to people’s doors. One village in Essex had to be evacuated a couple of years ago because it was completely surrounded by fields of the stuff. The pollen grains of oilseed rape are so virulent that, as well as bringing the joys of hayfever to people who have never had it in their lives, breathing in too many of them at once can have a similar effect to nerve gas.

As we returned from Bali I noticed that where the landscape over Europe had been, for the most part, green, the countryside in Britain was flourescing yellowly. Sure enough the moment we left the airport I began to sneeze. It’s settled down now into the usual constant sinus headache and runny eyes.

The real pisser is that each year my stupid sinuses take longer to recover before it all starts again. I went to the doctor about it and she told me cheerfully that after an infection or allergic reaction the sinuses can take as much as 6 months to recover, especially if they are repeatedly assulted. Are you listening farmers? My sinuses don’t get 4 months to recover, let alone 6! They grow the effing stuff for 9 months of the year. I have about two weeks of being able to smell and taste normally these days before it all kicks off again. It drives me nuts.

What is the sodding stuff for, anyway, apart from making countless grumpy old bags like me even more miserable and tetchy? Eh?

Answers on a post card please… any farmers out there?

Ok, ok, I know what it’s for. They make bio ethanol out of it… which means there’s only going to be more and more. It’s a bit like being allergic to oil refineries I suppose… only worse.




1. Geldoff - 1, May 2007

Welcome back, BC! Sorry to hear about your hay fever though. I can empathise cos I suffer similarly from dairy products and I know how hard it is for those who don’t suffer to understand what a complete arse it is for those who do.

At the risk of asking the obvious, ahve you tried Flixonase or Beconase nasal sprays? I stayed away from them for yonks because I didn’t want to feel dependent etc but during one particularly vexing episode I went for it and it’s improved my quality of life immeasurably. ‘Course I’ll probly die early (joke) but hey-ho something’s got to kill you eventually or we’d all live for ever! 🙂

2. babychaos - 1, May 2007

I would, it’s the trying to make a baby thing though, absolutely everything in the entire world that makes life easier, pile cream, evening primrose oil (reduces PMT), vitamin B, the stuff that stops me getting cystitis… it’s all a no-no if I’m with child… and I won’t know I’m with child for the first two weeks so I’m not supposed to take any more of these things than I have to… and I have to use rather a lot!

Hey ho! Perhaps I should put babymaking off for the summer!



3. babychaos - 1, May 2007

I’m sorely tempted!

Cheers (again)


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