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Up and down… but mostly up 2, May 2007

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On the down side…

Instead of pressing home my advantage and finishing the other two today I have spent the morning hoovering up the feathers from the bird Chewie plucked (very thoroughly I might add) and ate in the hall this morning without my noticing and phaffed about buying stuff for Mr BC’s supper when I didn’t really need to.

Our garden is protected on three sides and there’s a parky little breeze blowing blowing in from the fourth.

I have a bubbly bottom.

I have bodydruff.  Really, I am peeling everywhere!

I’m on the blob, part of the red hand gang, have got the painters in…

….oh yes and I haven’t finished painting the hall, either.

On the up side…

I am feeling smug and delighted because I’ve finished one of the three big copywriting jobs which has been hanging over me.

The sun is out and I am now at my desk and until a few moments ago was working hard (this is just a short break)… in the garden. I do like sitting out and I do like the way working from home can be done in the garden ok so on this one, copywriting is better than being a painter.

I don’t have to go anywhere else today so I can just relax and crack on with the things I have to do. This is also handy because I was going to be teaching this afternoon and I have a very bubbly bottom – so bubbly I had to give up on a piece of half price mozzarella at the deli counter because the bubble I produced in the queue smelled like a Bankok drain on a bad day and I couldn’t face the shame…

I am very, very brown… probably browner than I’ve ever been.  Not hugely brown, per se, but definitely browner than I’ve ever been.

In two days I’ll have finished having the blob. That means sometime in the next two days I will start a two week run of feeling like a real live member of the human race. That means being able to remember things, not feeling sick, not feeling dizzy, not feeling tired and not having a stomach ache… oh yes and my mood will be stable.

I’ve nearly finished painting the stairs.

It’s the end of April so I can invoice my employers for all this lovely work.

At some point, I may even have time to work on my novel.

This morning, when I opened my bible reading notes I found my husband’s business card with a little note explaining that this was my luggage and giving our home address. He must have slipped it into my case the day we went on holiday, in case our luggage went astray and there was nothing to indicate who it belonged to. I’ve had a bit of a warm feeling all day. Something about this small act of love is very touching.



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