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Before you call the ambulance… 10, May 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Life and living, Light Fluff.
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Here’s something you may not know. Eating beetroot doesn’t just dye your wee red.

Yes, I have had a very scary morning! I thought I was going to die! In fact, if I hadn’t already er… you know… um… seen to that scenario it would have scared the crap out of me! So if it ever comes out maroon then before you call the doctor, take some deep breaths, try to stop hyper-ventilating and have a quick think about what you ate the night before… if beetroot was on the menu you can relax and know it’s ok, you’re not going to die after all!  You’re just going to pooh red for the rest of the week!  Mwa ha ha haaargh!

Right then, I think I’ll just go have a lie down to recover.



1. Flying Rowan - 10, May 2007

god.. also, Never look up “blood in poo” on the internet, it will give you a massive heart attack and you’ll think your insides are slowly bleeding out of your ass when in actual fact you just did a big shit. Glad i don’t eat beetroot!

2. GeekLady - 10, May 2007

I’d just like to point out that, from a medical perspective, “blood on poo” is different than “blood in poo”. Just saying.

3. Mrs. Nicklebee - 11, May 2007

Poor BC! Now, you know there are going to be people who are going to run out and buy some beetroot just to see for themselves.

4. babychaos - 11, May 2007

Flying R, I will make sure never to go there, GeekLady, ditto, Mrs N, it’s scary to think but I’d lay bets you’re right!



5. Brian - 14, May 2007

Assuming I’m aware I’m eating it, I think it’d be cool to wee red. After visiting the gents I’d be tempted to not flush the urinal and wait in nearby stall to hear the reaction. Is that wrong? (Ok, it is, but is it a basket ride to Hades wrong? I need to know for when the opportunity presents itself…)

Your scenario sounds a lot less pleasant. Glad you’re doing fine!

6. liberrydwarf - 22, May 2007

I always thought this was a big fib…like the wee and asparagus thing…or the poppyseed bagels making you fail drugtests…
LiberryDwarf is now terribly upset she’s allergic to beetroot and can’t become one of Mrs N’s “people who are going to run out and buy some beetroot just to see for themselves”!

7. babychaos - 23, May 2007

Hello LiberryDwarf, I’m very sorry that you will be unable to test my theory.

You know what though? The wee and asparagus thing is TRUE! I kid you not, it makes your wee smell like a wet jumper.

Actually, that said, it’s true and yet, not true at the same time, depending on your nose. I read somewhere – or as usually happens, my husband did and told me – that only 25% of people can actually identify the smell… so it may be you are one of the 75% who don’t notice it.



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