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Wankdows (sorry non swearers) 23, May 2007

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When I turned on my computer this morning it told me there were updates to download. I went ahead and installed them because it also kindly informed me that I could do so while I worked. When it had finished a little box flashed up saying:

“Updating your computer is almost complete. You will need to restart your computer for the updates to take effect.

“Would you like to restart you computer now?”

It gave me two options, “restart now” and “restart later”. Since my computer takes about 10 minutes to boot up and I’d only just switched it on I certainly wasn’t going to restart the sodding thing then so I clicked on “restart later”. After all, my reasoning went, I close it down at the end of each day so it can install the updates when I boot it up again tomorrow.

Well blow me down if 20 minutes later, the little box didn’t crop up again… and again, and again, and again. In fact, it simply won’t take “later” for an answer and has been asking me if I’d like to restart it every 20 effing minutes all day! And of course, even though it will make my life easier in the long run, the last thing I feel like doing is giving in to its incessant pestering.

So what I want to know is which bit of,

“Do you want to restart your computer later?”

Does my dumb-arse computer not get?

Which bit of “later” does the numb-nuts who wrote this stupid update thinks means 20 minutes tops?

I’ve told it I will restart later! Later means fricking “LATER”. I don’t remember clicking a “Restart-sometime-in-the-next-five-minutes” button or a subsequent “Keep-asking-me-if-I-want-to-restart-until-I-throw-you-from-
a-tall-building-you-wanky-computer” button. No, as I distinctly recall it, I said restart buggering later, as in “not now I’m working sod off annoying box…”

Grrrrr! Hey ho. Never mind people, I’ll say a little bit about Rome tomorrow when I’m less grumpy… I’m going to the loo now*.

For heaven’s sake!

*Yes! You stupid, moronic, infernal, wee-filled, pus-box of a computer, I’ll save the 15 things I’m doing at the same time (this post has been open since about 7 o’clock this morning) and click on the fucking “Restart” button. OK?



1. Brian - 23, May 2007

Amen! This is one of the things that really irks me about WindBlows. What they don’t seem to realize is that this makes people LESS likely to keep their software up to date.

Know how I beat it? Don’t answer. Drag it to the bottom right corner of your screen so you can only see the edge of the bar, otherwise, it’ll hover over everything an keep you from getting anything done. 😆 I’ve had the very same notice in the bottom right corner for at least a day now.


P.S. “Wank” and “wanker” is swearing? If I say it over here, people look at me like I’m Madonna (i.e. pretending to be British)… There’s even a couple of bars in Oregon named Wanker’s Corner!

2. Martha Mihaly - 23, May 2007

New to your blog – I came from Dying Man’s Journal. You’re funny!
I have to agree that while ‘wanker’ isn’t a complementary term here, it certainly isn’t considered cussing either.

3. babychaos - 24, May 2007

Brian, Wanker’s Corner! That’s superb, wank is a swear word over here in Blighty – I guess it’s on a level with shit so while we say it all the time it would probably be cussing and looked on askance in the ol us of a.

Martha, thanks and welcome, delighted to meet you.



4. mrsmetaphor - 24, May 2007


It’s like Coke and Pepsi here in the states…it’s only the veneer of a “choice.”

5. babychaos - 24, May 2007

Trust me, it’s not that polite. It’s saying I’m going to drive you nuts until you restart this computer by dashing it against the wall because I’m an IMPORTANT security update, ie I’m that little flippity gibbet they put in your computer after about 6 months that means you suddenly won’t be able to listen to any of your Digital Rights “protected” CDs on it ever again. I have loads of really expensive coasters which used to be CD’s by my favourite bands and which due to the special software put there, expressly so I can’t rip them to my iPOD, are now unplayable on anything in my house.

Ooops do you see another hobby horse coming on there!



6. mrsmetaphor - 26, May 2007

You should watch the Mac and PC commercials here BC….maybe we can convert you to the Mac side!


7. Mark Kenny - 28, May 2007

Firstly, I’m delighted to see an asterisk plus footnote in a blog post.

Secondly, I guess maybe some people leave their computers on 24/7 so need to be told sometimes to restart, though you’re right it’s very annoying.

Thirdly, those PC/mac adverts annoy me, Mac seems so smug and pleased with himself. I particularly dislike the ones where Mac goes on about how he runs Microsoft Office too.

Yeah, only cos Microsoft are good enough to make their software for Mac!

8. RubyShooZ - 28, May 2007

I’ve had my computer actually restart itself when I had told it later – Grr! Right when I was in the middle of a bunch of things of course.

Grr again!

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