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Today I am mostly… 28, May 2007

Posted by babychaos in Life and living, Light Fluff, Play.
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Drying the cat.  It’s a bank holiday and it’s May ergo it is absolutely chucking it down.  Chewie is going out, getting soaked and then coming back in to show me, proudly, just how much water cat fur can absorb.  He does this by arriving in the kitchen and yelling an exploratory hello meow.  Then, carefully avoiding the towel I have placed on the floor to absorb the muddy footprints, he makes his way into the hall and yells even more loudly.  This is the point at which I go to see what’s up because otherwise he will come into the sitting room put black fen mud all over the couch.

We go back to the kitchen together.  There, I dry him while he eats his food and purrs contentedly.  Then it’s time for a quick drink of water and back outside in the rain again.  This process is repeated on a loop for the rest of the day until one of us goes insane or I go down to my “office” – the garden shed.  To work.

I think it’s his way of making sure I take some exercise…



1. Mark Kenny - 28, May 2007

Ha ha, cats are the best. My parents’ cat has recently started working in concert with my dog. A few months ago the dog spied a particularly nice leg of lamb on the counter but couldn’t reach it.

The cat did her bit and pushed it off onto the floor so they could both enjoy the spoils. We now have to lock the kitchen door so that cakes, food, jugs of milk etc. remain inviolate.

2. GeekLady - 28, May 2007

Is your cat named after the Star Wars character?

3. RubyShooZ - 28, May 2007

Oh!!! I knew I needed to get some exercise but I never realized that my kitties were trying to send me a message that way. I, too, go through a very similar procedure and on those days, it can sometimes be a four or five towel day!

4. Geldoff - 29, May 2007

Tumble dryer broken?

Ohhhhh, all right, ouch, I was only joking, ouch, I wouldn’t, ouch, do that, ouch! But I bet my dog would …

5. babychaos - 29, May 2007

Mr K, I am so pleased to hear this, I know other cats this devious also pleased you enjoyed my asterisk and footnote!

Geeklady, indeed he is, he is large very hairy and when we got him, disposed to mindless violence. He is much softer now but still a bit of a bruiser.

RubyShooZ yep, they know. Glad somebody else gets this too though.

Geldoff, you heartless thing! Any creature whose entire raison d’etre is to encase you in a coccoon of it’s own drool (ie a dog) gets the thumbs down in my book… Your comment makes me think of the Larson “cat fud” cartoon though… funny.



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