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Household Law Number 362 5, June 2007

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This news just in…

The likelihood of rain on any day is directly proportional to the number of towels which have been washed in a given area, their size, the speed with which they dry and how recently they have been put on the line.

The probability of rain in a square mile of urban housing where more than three people have washed and hung out bath sheets – even if it is sunny when the wash cycles began – is classed as “very high”. This dips as the towels become drier to merely “high”. However, as the towels become dry enough to put in the airing cupboard, or even away straight off, the probability of rain falling rises to “extremely high”. In all these cases, the probability of the rain falling long enough to soak the towels before the owner notices and gets them in is over 99%.

This is the scientifically proven fact* resulting from research conducted the Institute of Washing Management and Household Chore Study Group.

*Actually, I’m afraid it’s not.



1. Mrs. Nicklebee - 5, June 2007

lol I’m sure it must be a scientifically proven fact somewhere. It’s observable, testable and repeatable; it just hasn’t made its way onto paper and into any scientific journals yet. It’s probably not as interesting as, say, the migratory patterns of the Miniature Schnauzer. Or maybe it’s so obvious that it doesn’t need to be proven, like saying, “The sun is bright.” “I’ve just hung the towels out the dry. It’s going to rain.” It works out well after planting flowers or throwing down some grass seed.

2. Kat - 6, June 2007

I always thought the best way to guarantee rain is to leave your umbrella at home “because I’m only ducking out for about half an hour”.

3. Joe Drinker - 6, June 2007

Although acurrate, I think this this principle must have geographic restrictions on it – the same rules apply, but at the same time are flexible:
here in the desert, the best way to get it to rain is to wash your car, get it all dry and shiny, and then park it outside.

However, if you really want a Noah-and-the-ark-style downpour, some extra steps: park the car outside it with the top down/sunroof open, and then attend a meeting in a room with no windows. This is the modern-day raindance, is undisputed, and guaranteed.

4. babychaos - 7, June 2007

Mrs N… true but sometimes planting the grass seed will hold off the rain, it depends whether you want green grass more than dry towels, the probability of dry towels if you want green grass is 99% and vice versa!

Kat, absolutely, I have done this myself many times, just as thinking “I will carry this huge and cumbersome golfing umbrella (because it’s all I have) around town in case it rains” will precipitate an afternoon of bright sunshine – not forgetting a second trip back into every single shop you’ve visited because you’ve left it by the counter.

Joe, spot on. The way to precipitate a summer storm between 2 and 4 am is to leave the car out in the drive with the top down when you go to bed. 😉



5. BB - 8, June 2007

Um, what? 🙂 *LOL* You have me in stitches.

6. babychaos - 8, June 2007

BB, I try my best!



7. Martha Mihaly - 12, June 2007

May I add, a globally proven fact.

8. EngegeHer - 26, October 2008

I can be sensitive about my gorgeous confirmation Oh, good joke) What did one ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing, they just waved.

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