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Hmm… 8, June 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Life and living, Light Fluff.

I am worried.  It looks like this blog is getting too serious and like Viz is officially, “not funny any more”.  I will try to do something about it, or blog about something more interesting.  I’m going to blame the weather for my wilting inspiration! It’s weeing down and it’s not even like I’ve washed any towels.


Never mind, here is a strange blog which might cheer things up:


I went out on my smashing bike again yesterday. ‘Found a long embankment – grass – and rode along the top. It was very bumpy – the moles are clearly very busy in this neck of the woods – and it was more demanding than I realised. Today I feel as if I have collided with a train or as PG Woodhouse put it, like one who “…whilst picking daisies on the railway line, has caught the down express full in the back”.*


*or something like that…


1. chrisfiore5 - 8, June 2007

not funny? to thine own self be true and critics be damned…

sometimes we must be taken seriously if for no other reason than to be told we are funny in the head!

hope all is well…


2. RubyShooZ - 9, June 2007

Rest, perchance to dream my friend.

I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how your “smashing bike” rides have been.

I wonder too now whilst I’m wondering what wittering means. Can I buy a clue?

3. babychaos - 10, June 2007

Chris, thanks, all is fine and dandy if a bit fraught up here! RubyShooZ thank you too… wittering is basically chatting but in a particularly empty, aimless pointless way… sometimes it can also refer to complaining if somebody is wittering on and on – ie winging. It’s like blathering, if you’ve heard that one!



4. RubyShooZ - 12, June 2007

Wittering – great word, I love it. Now about “winging” … I’ve heard it referred to as “whinging” …. same thing right?

And blather; I’ve heard of that one and tend to do it from time to time although I’m not good at doing it in the written form. I wish I could write in more depth but I’m not there – yet.

Hope you’re having a good day.

5. babychaos - 12, June 2007

Wittering and whinging are almost the same but there is a small difference in that you can witter without complaining whereas whinging is always a complaint of some description. Wittering can also be positive “I was wittering on” as well as negative “she was wittering on and just wouldn’t shut up!”

I am, indeed, having a good day, I hope you are too!



6. Martha Mihaly - 12, June 2007

Do you call it a ‘smashing bike’ because it smashes you to ride it, or shatters you to look at it?

It sounds more the former than latter.

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