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Can you guess what it is yet? 13, June 2007

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The smashing, surprise birthday was a Star Wars exhibition.

It was completely bloody brilliant, I even had a go on the thing where they green you out and you do a light sabre fight – I have the DVD to prove it and no, I can’t put it up here… it’s copy protected (a bit anal that).

I was hoping Mr BC and I could fight each other but that was a no-go on health and safety grounds. I ask you!

I reckon today’s insurers and lawyers have to be the most humourless, cretinous, people who have ever existed in the entire history of this planet – not to mention the most monster pissers on of fire works in world, or very possibly, galactic history. I mean, get real! If I poke Mr BC in the eye and he sues City Hall? Where’s the logic in that?

Then again, I suppose that is what happens, over and over and over again and while there are lawyers who are moronic enough to take on these cases and judges stupid enough to award compensation it’s only going to get worse.

You spilled hot coffee in your crotch? NO! It’s NOT McDonald’s fault, it’s YOURS because you are a dozy spanner! Where did responsibility for your actions get to? It’s actions like yours that result in the rest of us being treated like children! Sod off and get a life! Oh dear where was I? Ah yes, health and safety. Hey ho. So, the end result was that Mr BC stood back – he could have had a go too but I think he felt a bit awkward – and let me do the do.

Other hugely amusing aspects of the exhibition were the way the attendants were all dressed up as paduan learners – mawah ha – and yet more were dressed as Darth Vader – complete with scary breathing – Emperor Palpatine – after transformation into scary wrinkly thing – a variety of guards from both sides, Bobba Fett et al. Everyone had a light sabre, Master Replicas, Anakin model, £45 or as near as damn it, from Woolworths!

Needless to say there was a race between Mr BC and I at every single display case containing a monster to be the first to point at it and go. “See that? That’s YOU that is.” And giggle uncontrollably. Because obviously, we’re really mature.

If you are a fan, though, it’s a great exhibition and well worth catching. A splendid, albeit expensive, treat at £16.50 a head – we did ask if the child concession applied to mental age but were told that no because otherwise everyone would get in for a reduced price. Fair enough.

As well as having loads of props, you could see how the concepts for costumes and ships were developed from first drawings to finished articles, you could see how tiny lady film stars are – think people who’d need stilts to reach Kylie – and you could see just how much planning and thought you need to put in if you are going to make a good film. It was also worth it just to see them taking the head off C3P0 to reveal a live human and the lid off R2D2 to reveal… yes another real man!

Interesting factoid: When shooting the special effects for the first film they made a lot of the shots “driver’s view” so to speak, partly because it was cheaper and partly because it was pushing the bounds of technology to put the characters into them. This was not something anyone had done to such an extent before.

However, it is so much more immediate and makes you so much more part of the action that I often wonder if this sense of direct involvement is what captured the imagination of so many people… Then, of course, there’s fact you have just about every theatrical element that has ever appealed, a dash of the wild west, your frilly shirted waving swords about Dumas kind of stuff and of course space and sci-fi all wrapped up in one splendidly barking package.

I also frightened myself and put my complete spudliness beyond doubt by pointing out that the first drawings of C3P0 looked like the robot out of Metropolis, only to discover that he is, indeed, based on the robot out of Metropolis. What a potato!

Afterwards, we took a quick turn on the London Eye and went, via a pub, to have a smashing meal with one of my oldest friends – in terms of how long I’ve known them, not age, obviously – which was excellent. The food and wine were fab, it was one of these posh new curry houses in London, I’m not sure it wasn’t on Drury Lane, can’t remember, theatreland somewhere anyway.

Then it was drunken, abusive text messaging with Mr BC on the train home giving rise to lots more giggling… It was great.

Right then, I’ll be off. Here, for your delectation, are some of the photos I took!


Darth Vader

Darth Vader (obviously).

Imperial Guard

This isn’t a great shot – check the radiator – but I was pleased with the way the storm trooper opposite is reflected twice over the top.


R2D2. How spuddish does it get?

The Sith

Someone needs to pop down to the shop and get the cakes in. It’s the Sith Lords’ turn.

The Houses of Parliament

I’m pretty chuffed with this shot, ‘pity it was taken with the crap lens on my mobile phone.

London from the London Eye

London a la London Eye

See that?

See that…?



1. Martha Mihaly - 13, June 2007

Sounds fantastic. I think Mr. BC knows you well!

I laughed reading your account of the story. You must have a stitch in your side today.

2. babychaos - 13, June 2007

It was great and yes… still there was a fair bit of giggling!

3. Steff - 18, June 2007

A belated happy birthday to you! Sounds like you had an excellent day 🙂

4. babychaos - 18, June 2007

Ta Steff, I’ll be back on you know where again soon… honest!



5. Susie - 21, June 2007

Oh that was such a good treat, so very you. Loved the piccies. We may go to the Dr Who exhib tomorrow ;o) xx

6. babychaos - 22, June 2007

Ooo you jammy bleeder, another one I’d love to do!



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