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On the Subject of Cooperisms… 24, June 2007

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I’m glad the Cooperisms have gone down well. I once heard that Tommy Cooper on stage was pretty much the same as Tommy Cooper in real life and when I mentioned it to a friend of mine she came up with this story to prove the point…

Back in the 60s and 70s, this friend’s sister used to run a fish and chip shop in the East End of London. One day a chauffeur-driven roller stopped outside and Tommy Cooper got out. He came into the shop and ordered some fish and chips. While they were cooking he did what was, basically, an impromptu stand up routine and had the staff and customers laughing fit to bust.

Eventually when the fish was cooked he said he’d like them open, rather than wrapped, as he was going to eat them when he got back into the car, so she duly served them up in the previous day’s Evening Standard and handed them over. He paid and then asked for a sachet of ketchup. Naturally, she fetched him two sachets, because he was Tommy Cooper, after all… and he’d been very funny for the last five minutes.

“The salt and vinegar are on the counter, Tommy, please help yourself.” She told him. He said.

“Don’t mind if I do.” And putting his fish and chips down for a moment, he held one of his jacket pockets open, picked up the vinegar bottle with a flourish, dropped it carefully in so it stayed up right and patted his pocket. Then he held open the other pocket and with a similarly theatrical flourish he dropped the salt sellar into that one. Finally, beaming round the shop he said.

“Thank you very much.” Said goodnight and left the shop. Apparently he really did help himself to the salt and vinegar as my friend’s sister never saw them, or him again.



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