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Ways to avoid work number 63. 3, July 2007

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Move the latch keeper* on your office door up half an inch.

If the door to your office keeps pinging open because the latch doesn’t quite marry up with it’s hole in the door jamb… you can always take your door jamb apart. A guaranteed, justified half hour delay to starting a meaningful day’s work.

Now, when I shut the door, instead of waiting until I have gone back upstairs and sat down and then pinging open, the latch flips home nicely and the door stays closed until I open it again. Half an hour with a chisel and a screwdriver is all it took. Half an hour during which the internet went down, precluding me from the joys of real work for another three hours or so until… well… now… which is why I’m writing this of course.

Never mind, there’s a storm coming in, in a few moments I expect the lights will go out and the internet will fail again! Then I’ll have to go back to writing my novel…

* I don’t know what it’s called. This is a guess, I’m afraid, so if you are a locksmith, or just a bit smarter than me and want to come and disabuse me of its real name please feel free.



1. Bill Howdle - 3, July 2007

I could have used these hints back in my working days. Hope you don’t mind I have tagged you. I think it will be so interesting to learn more about you.
Have a good day my friend

2. Joe Drinker - 3, July 2007


I had just opened your blog when my boss came into the office. I turned around to explain something to her and the whole time “Ways to avoid work number 63” was open on my screen behind me. And of course she saw it.

I’m guessing that #64 could include getting fired.


3. babychaos - 4, July 2007

Bill, thanks! I’m working on it. Joe – I feel for you. That’s the kind of thing which would happen to me! I do hope your boss gives you a little slack on that one! 😉



4. Mrs. Nicklebee - 5, July 2007

Heh heh … Sorry about your luck there, Joe. That sounds like something that would happen to me.

BC, you and your tinkering!! But since we’re on the subject, I’ve got this cd player that isn’t working right… 😉

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