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One death, three craps and an erection! 11, July 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Humour, Life and living, Light Fluff, Play.

How subversive is this blog? Answer, not nearly subversive enough, clearly.

My blog is rated…

Online Dating

The reason I find this particularly amusing is because I swear blind in so many posts. All it found was one “death” three “craps” and an “erection”.

Nothing on the wankers, bollocks, sod its and other general swearyisms… Mmm. I think it’s flawed. Never mind, if I say “f*ck” here, d’you think it’ll give me a red?


Small refreshment break… of the page the other side I mean, not me.


Mwah ha ha haargh!

Yes this post has increased my offensiveness. I see it’s now got me down for 4 erections but it doesn’t count the three extra craps and it’s completely forgotten about the original death, let alone the two new ones.

Free Online Dating

Hang on, it’s changed again…. now it’s picked up the five “deaths” and yes, I am finally given the red card…

Free Online Dating

Conclusion… it only works on your latest post… and has no understanding of British swear words, ie, 90% of them.



1. JoeDrinker - 11, July 2007

Way to go! I keep on being disappointed by the white G-Rated box. Maybe I’ll just steal your red graphic and post it as my own.

2. babychaos - 11, July 2007

To get the red, I took the * out of “f*ck”! Otherwise it stays dark green! 😉



3. Brian - 11, July 2007

Welcome to the club! And I didn’t even drop the F-Bomb!

I wonder if there’s something beyond R, because no matter how I try, I can’t get out of the red. (Story of my life… 😉 )


4. RubyShooZ - 12, July 2007

Okay, I had to click it and try it for myself and my blog is now restricted so I cannot post there anymore. I’ll just have to amuse myself with the carrots and other vegetables at love carrots etc.

Thanks BabyChaos. Hope all is well in your life today…have a beautiful one.

5. liberrydwarf - 12, July 2007

Yeah…and yet the blogger with the story on masturbating and kittens gets a G rating too…go figure.
Obviously us Aussies are just plain harmless no matter what we try…

6. JoeDrinker - 13, July 2007

By the way, this title is great. I keep coming back to read it because it sounds like you’re setting up for a description of your smashing weekend… 😉


7. mrsmetaphor - 13, July 2007

Well done BC!!!

I was just glad to not get a “G” lol….

I’ll have to work harder for that PG-13, damn.

8. Mrs. Nicklebee - 13, July 2007

Yeah, it does sound like a description of your weekend, BC! lol I’m glad to hear no one died!

liberrydwarf, it isn’t your harmlessness but your accent that keeps you from falling into the red. 😉

9. babychaos - 15, July 2007

Ah well now, when it comes to the weekend, that’d be telling…! 😉

10. reggiehudson - 16, July 2007

Holy sh##…….nope, wait and excuse me….. that should have been written as HOLY SHIT! I’ll be damned a sister…..ya’ll are hard to find.
Thanks sis, this is a righteous blog, Do you mind if I add you to my blog roll?

Your brother,

11. babychaos - 16, July 2007

Reg, I’m honoured, I don’t mind at all! In fact, thanks. Everyone else… liberrydwarf – I think it’s just not set up for non-US swearing! It can’t follow your links, either, of course.



12. babychaos - 16, July 2007

PS… it was four craps! 😉

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