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Foiled… at every F*+”£ng turn. 18, July 2007

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Today I am mostly foiled by shite! Yes, it’s one of those days when if it can be phaffy, pointless and get in the way of progress it’s there.

First up, my post. It contains my credit card bill. My credit card company has changed hands again so this bill has been “simplified” by the new owners, to make it “easier to understand”. In other words, it’s printed on a bigger piece of paper and it tells me less so that there’s more room for the company to advertise its other products. Where my old one would contain records of all my transactions or – if there had been none – it would say “transactions this month, nil” this one contains no detailed information.

Normally that wouldn’t be a problem were it not for the fact that my bill is for “£-4.95 cr”.

Well what the fuck is that? Minus four pounds ninety five credit is a sodding anomaly.

Which do they mean?

Is my account minus £4.95 or £4.95 in credit? I need to know because if it’s minus I have to pay them something before July 25 or they’ll clobber me with a charge for interest or – if I’m mere pence over – a minimum admin rate of more than the interest would have been.

So I dial the 0845 number knowing I will spend the next 10 minutes choosing options and listening to hold music.

Obviously I’m massively chuffed when the first message is a robotic Scottish lady’s voice telling me they have a really high call volume today. Great, clearly I’m not the only one who can’t read their new dumb-arse bill. Never mind, my call will be answered in 9 minutes, that’s better than some call centres I’ve had to deal with on a good day. I wait while the Vivaldi plays and a similarly (also Scottish) female monotone interrupts the good bits to tell me I can save money by giving them more business.

Eventually after 10 minutes the phone is answered by an even more monotone, droning Scottish voice than the previous two recordings – think the slug in Monsters inc saying “you haven’t done your paperwork” only with less charisma, or (if you do obscure TV) the monotone delivery of the Geography teacher out of the Wonder Years.

She clearly thinks I am barking not to realise that CR is credit even when I explain that I do but that I also understand that a minus in front of it would normally be associated with a deficit.

Oh well, a couple of quid to the four winds to be condescended to by a woman who sounded so bored and was so unresponsive as to appear dead. So much so that I wondered if she actually was dead and being controlled by a computer with its hand stuck up her arse. No… I’m sure your average “vitally challenged” individual would have to be way more animated than she was.  This was just the aftermath of a lobotomy.

Next problem, I have a new phone. I have bluetooth headsets for it, one which is just too much of an Essex earring ever to wear in public and one which is a small ear piece with the main bluetooth brick at the end of a string which can be clipped onto my collar/seat belt or secreted in a top pocket rather than having to be worn on the side of my face so I look like some cyborg twat.

For some reason you have to have a security number to pair your phone and your headset up for the first time. Oh dear, both headsets are more than a year old… you can see this coming can’t you? Yep. Could I find the number? Could I bollocks? Never mind, eventually I found one and 0000 gave me access to the hideous Essex earring. The tasteful one is now almost 7 years old and came from Mr BC so only he knows the whereabouts of the box and in it, the security number. Never mind at least I can use my phone in the car today if I have to, even if it does mean looking like a tosser.

Third thing. Recently I have had a bit of trouble with my short-term memory. I’m not sure whether it’s down to a bonk on the head I received in January (see here for details) or hormones – it’s like it was when I was pregnant only I’m not pregnant… it could be some kind of infection, you know, crap in the blood making concentration a bit tricky – it did clear up for a month or two after the BV incident.

Whatever it is, it’s divorcing me alarmingly from reality. It’s as if I’m wearing a candyfloss crash helmet. Yes, nothing is quite… real. Thinking, concentrating, is physically… well… not painful exactly but it makes my head feel numb, weak even, itchy – but itchy on the inside

During the day, I feel the way you do when you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bog, you know when your body makes its way to the loo on autopilot because really, your brain’s still asleep. It’s like that, only in the middle of the day after 5 cups of coffee… it’s as if I never truly wake up.

I know I’m not explaining it very well and more to the point, I have always been fairly scatty and vague. However, I’ve been able to cope with my vagueness until now. Now, vagueness management stuff that’s worked for me for almost 40 years is failing. My brain is blunt. I am losing my edge.

Obviously, because I have more imagination than sense, I’m scared I have a brain tumor, early dementia (please, god, no) – I’m nearly 40 after all – internal bleeding/bruising from pulling that pull-up bar down (and going with it) in January or something wrong with an important internal organ… kidneys, pancreas, something like that. Alternatively and most likely, it’s hormones and the only way to sort it out will be to go on the pill – just what I want when I’m trying for a baby – until everything settles down again.

Is it scary? Yep. So after worrying about it for six months on or off but being too frightened to go to the doctor in case it was something really grim and of course, forgetting to mention it when I went about anything else, I decided, this morning, that I would book an appointment and sort it out once and for all. The conversation went something like this – obviously the bits in italics are the things I thought rather than said.

“Hello, I would like to book a doctor’s appointment…” …because I appear to be losing my marbles.

“I’m terribly sorry we can’t book any appointments today, our computer system has gone down. Can you call back tomorrow?”

“No! You don’t understand! I can’t call back tomorrow, I’m having problems with my short term memory! I won’t fricking REMEMBER to call you toSODDINGmorrow because I’m losing my fucking mind!” Said my brain.

Luckily it came out of my mouth as.

“Yeh, sure, no worries. Bye.”




1. Dru - 18, July 2007

I kinda get that feeling sometimes if I’ve had too little water/ too much dairy stuff, like cheese. But then… I know I’m allergic to dairy stuffs. So that’s probably not helpful to you in the least. Sorry.

2. JoeDrinker - 18, July 2007

Hi BC,

Ha ha! Hope tomorrow turns out better for you. At least you can go back through today’s writings and piece together your To-Do list for the day.


3. Mrs. Nicklebee - 18, July 2007

Poor (((((BC)))))!!

1. I understand the confusion about the credit card bill. It should either have the minus OR the CR, not both. They probably mean they owe you money.

2. That Mr. BC is just cool enough that he probably knows right where all of the stuff is that you need for the cooler headset.

3. I have to think that your foggyheadedness is due to that skull-cracking fall you took. I thought for sure you’d be blogging about gray matter coming out of your ears soon after that but, if it makes you feel better, all of your posts seem so like you that I never would’ve guessed anything was wrong. You seemed like yourself to me!

It is possible that you have a tumor or dementia or some other terrible, awful, no good, very bad disease, but I’m inclined to think that you are still dealing with the effects of that knee-weakening pull-up bar incident. The way you describe how you feel sounds very similar to what my friend has been experiencing. She suffered a head injury about a month ago. Those symptoms can go on for some time.

Hormones could be the culprit. An imbalance can cause the problems you described, in which case, you could take B Complex because the B vitamins are supposed to help balance things out. But you did just about knock your brains out. It made my knees weak just reading about it.

Is it possible to speak with a nurse at the doctor’s office? Sometimes, here anyway, a nurse can get you in regardless of the schedule.

I understand the angst over the prospect of a terminal brain disease. I went through something similar a couple of years ago. Different symptoms, same vital organ. Set a note to yourself in your startup file (if you have Windows anyway) to call the doctor ASAP and then try to relax and put it out of your mind until you see that note tomorrow. There’s nothing you can do about it today.

Other foggyheadedness busters which may or may not help:
– Develop a routine and stick to it. Nothing rigid, just whatever works for you. There’s less thinking involved that way. Just do the next thing.
– Give yourself time to relax and not think.
– Go for a bike ride. (How is that bike of yours working out for you, anyway?)
– Get good sleep
– Drink plenty of water
– Eat plenty of fruits and veggies
– Spend day at Lake Michigan (That’s by FAR the most relaxing and therapeutic thing on the list! Bring sunscreen, your bathing suit and warm clothes!)

You are in my prayers, dear. I’m sorry you’re feeling off kilter.

Mrs. N

4. babychaos - 19, July 2007

Dru, that’s actually quite intriguing, I do eat a lot of cheese and I do have to be careful with the old dairy products as they can give me echzema (damn, I can’t remember how to spell that either) so you never know…!

Joe, yes that has proved useful! 😉 I have actually remembered to call the doctor.

Mrs N. What you said about your friend rather heartened me. I have got a doctor’s appointment sorted out for next Friday so I’m cool now… I think I’ll have to wish for the headset, I suspect Mr BC and I threw away the box about three months ago… of course, I’d forgotten about the number at that point (grrr!).

The new bike is working out pretty well although there is a clash with my full-time job and it’s been very windy… they’ve also closed my favourite path to remove a derailed freight train from a bridge (I kid you not).



5. chris - 16, January 2008

Was everything okay at the doctor’s? My wife was having similar symptoms (icthy head, but from the inside, off balanced).

6. babychaos - 16, January 2008

Chris, thanks for asking, it was! Although, if she’s still suffering, it’s worth your wife going to the doctors, especially if her balance is a little cuckoo. One of my friends had the itching thing and it turned out that he was bleeding a little in there – he’d been hit on the head when someone threw a brick over a wall without realising he was standing behind it three years before and since he’d felt fine at the time the NHS had assumed it was merely concussion and not scanned him.

All was fine for him, too (very minor op sorted it out) but while I’m no doctor I’d always recommend erring on the side of caution! I never had balance problems but my friend did… and balance problems, to me sound quite unusual… It’s probably just an inner ear infection or something but even so, what’s the worst that can happen, you’ll feel a bit of a numb nuts if there’s nothing wrong but that has to be worth it to put your minds at rest.

Take care, good luck and let me know how you get on.



7. Chris - 22, January 2008

Glad to here everything was okay! Thanks for the info. Very true – I’d rather her feel embarrassed at the doctors than have something realy be wrong and ignore it.

8. babychaos - 22, January 2008

No worries, any time, I’m glad she’s ok.

Take care you.



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