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Mr Bean’s Been Here 20, July 2007

Posted by babychaos in General Wittering, Life and living, Light Fluff.

Somebody in my town has been given a roll of Mr Bean stickers. Overnight they appeared on pretty much everything but ONLY when it was funny.


Mr Bean



1. Brian - 20, July 2007

Tell me they put that sticker on the head of one of those naughty little posters I remember seeing in the phone booths. (I think that was in London. I’ll assume it is, because I’ve got nothing it it wasn’t…) Now that’d be funny. Unless you saw it right before bed time. Then it’s all about dysfunction and nightmares… *shiver*

2. Mrs. Nicklebee - 21, July 2007


3. RubyShooZ - 24, July 2007

I want some Mr. Bean stickers to put up around here!

4. babychaos - 24, July 2007

Brian, Sadly, we don’t have them in the phone booths here… now when I lived in Kilburn, it was a different story but it seems there are no hoowahs in my town. Well… actually there probably are but they clearly do their marketing differently!

Mrs N, glad you liked… Ruby – I wish I knew where they came from! I’d send you some like a shot!



5. Jhasaketan Jena - 19, February 2009


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