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A Mysterious ways incident… 25, July 2007

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Well… I had to go to work this morning and Mr BC had to go get his car serviced. We left together but when I start my car there’s a little orange light on, you know one of those ones, a little bit like this, check_engine.gif only with a picture bolt of lightening going through the middle. It probably means my exhaust has a hole… but it could mean that moving my car will rip the engine apart from the inside.

Oh dear.

So I ring the dealer and get it booked in, it’s due for a service anyway… then I go inside and call my employers to say I can’t make it… I’m in the kitchen and I can hear a strange hissing… I search about for a while, wondering if there’s a water leak somewhere but instead, I discover that when I cooked my scrambled eggs at breakfast I left the gas on.

It’s not the first time, of course but it’s the first time it hasn’t been left on all day or, worse, for Mr BC to find when he comes home… he would take the piss out of me so badly.

So a bad thing happened, my luscious car is a bit sickly. On the upside, our gas bill will be a wee bit cheaper and our house will still be here later on today…

Swings and roundabouts I s’pose…



1. Bill Howdle - 28, July 2007

Sorry about your car, but really glad about you house still being there.

2. Mrs. Nicklebee - 28, July 2007

Ditto. I’m real sorry about your wheels but also really glad your house didn’t burn down!

3. babychaos - 2, August 2007

Yeh, a bit of a “phew!” moment there!



4. liberrydwarf - 7, August 2007

Lol I rang my husband at 3 in the morning after a night out to cry and ask how to get ice off my windshield. A dashboard light would have me a blubbering messy heap. BC’s cred skyrockets!

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